6 Indoor Hammocks That Are So Comfy and Relaxing You Never Want to Move

by Candyse

Sometimes you just want to be a couch potato in your own home but you want something different to relax in instead of boring old sofas. This is where some cosy hammocks that can be placed indoors come in, as they don’t take up too much space and are so comfy, you will probably find yourself falling asleep inside.

1. Tent-Style Hammock

The traditional hammock design that you know may not be suitable for everyone but this cute tent-like design ensures a little privacy and lots of comfort. Pile it with plenty of cushy pillows and throws to create a cocoon that is awesome for some relaxation.


2. Elegant Hammock

When you’re happily settled in your hammock, you don’t want to move anywhere else and the placement of this hammock is just perfect. The bookshelf is within arm’s reach and the natural light streaming in the windows really makes it look cosy.


3. Hammock Chair

Perhaps you want something with a little more structure to it and that works fine too. This hammock chair is super comfy and you can swing gently on it while reading your book or just sit and daydream.


4. Beanbag Hammock

This wonderful creation marries the softness of a beanbag with the relaxed feel of a hammock and we can’t think of anything that would be cosier. Amp up the comfy factor even more by placing some overstuffed pillows and throws on the hammock.


5. Fringed Hammock

What better way to spend a lazy weekend than by getting up from your bed and then catching up with your latest book in your hammock? Now, if only we had the time to do this every day, that would be awesome!


6. Hanging Chair

While strictly not a hammock per se, we’re making an exception just for this cute and comfy hanging chair that is perfect for curling up for a snooze. Add some fluffy blankets inside for the maximum cosiness factor and you can bet that everyone will be fighting over it.


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