White & Wooden House Is Done In a Japanese Muji-Style Decor for a Comfy Home | Mirai House

by Candyse

We are all responsible for taking care of the environment and this includes building homes that are nature-friendly. Mirai House in Vietnam created a beautiful Japanese-style home that will be an ideal place to live for Vietnamese families. The design team has a vision of creating quality homes and they wanted to create this according to Japanese standards so that the inhabitants can have a friendly and comfortable life.


Using a simple architectural design, they maximised the usability of the space and used minimalist decor to create the home interiors. First of all, they used a foyer that has a lower level and comes with a large shoe cabinet that transitions between the outside and inside space. There is also a lobby space that helps prevent residents from tracking dirt in from the outside and increases the privacy of the living space inside the house.

The toilets and sinks are arranged separately to ensure that the house is more hygienic as the toothbrushes and face towels will not be contaminated. There is also a natural ventilation system in place that helps to keep the airflow clean and enhance the indoor air quality so the family’s health is enhanced.


There are three floors in the house with the first floor being the kitchen, dining and living room which are open plan. There are also two front and back yards that can be used for car parks and a garden that enables the family to relax. On the second floor, you can find three rooms with two bedrooms and a common room to be used as an office. The bathrooms and toilets are divided into two separate wet and dry areas for the whole family.

Where else on the third floor is located an altar with one bedroom with an ensuite, a laundry room and a storeroom. The high airy space is an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy a direct view of the beautiful park. Overall, the house uses very Muji-style decor that is synonymous with simplicity, functionality but still looks beautiful. Wooden and white decor is the main colour palette of the house.

All images are taken from Mirai House unless otherwise stated.

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