This Lovely Double-Storey House Has 4 Wonderful Corten Steel Pivoting Doors | House 538 by Une Arquitetura

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In a bustling, growing neighbourhood located in one of the highest points in Brazil, lies House 538 by Une Arquitetura, a relatively small but stylish home that houses a family. This architectural wonder is created by Une Arquitetura and stands on a small piece of land. Thanks to its location, the inhabitants are able to enjoy a glorious view of the city.

Due to the space constraints and taking into consideration the family’s needs, the design team crafted a plan for a concrete double-storey house with the ground floors for the social areas and on the first floor is the family’s private rooms.

Ground Floor: (House 538 by Une Arquitetura)

The design team had the strategy to ensure that the basic needs of the family are incorporated into the design. They decided to create integrated rooms for the social areas; hence making the ground floor a virtually open plan space that emphasises on natural lighting and cross ventilation. This allows the ground floor to look bright and airy and since everything is interconnected; it results in an ideal space to entertain guests, which is one of the family’s favourite activities.

The double-height living room has an automatic zenithal window; that helps on the natural lighting and ventilation of the residence. As you enter the home, four corten steel pivoting doors greet you and these pretty doors allow air to circulate as well. A beautiful garden located at the back of the house has a staircase fixed on the wall, so one can access it when they wish.

First Floor:

On the first floor, there is a home office, two bedrooms and a master bedroom that has access to the external areas. From the master bedroom, one can enjoy the view of the garden; framed by the downtown city’s lights. While for the other two bedrooms, they have a frontal closure made of corten steel sculpted by plastic artist Nivaldo Tonon. On the rooftop, a useful little kitchen garden is planted; and the inhabitants can enjoy the city views from here as well.

All images taken from Une Arquitetura unless otherwise stated.

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