6 Clever Tips to Make Any Room Look Bigger and More Spacious

by Candyse

Unless you’re rolling in it then buying a huge house is no issue. However, since most of us average mortals have to be content with cosy homes, making it look more spacious and airy is definitely something we would appreciate. Get started on this great ideas to make your room look bigger and more roomy.

1. Use Light Colours

Now, we all know that when choosing clothes, dark colours make us look slimmer while light coloured clothes emphasise width. This theory applies to your home as well so go for pale colours such as white, cream, beige and light grey to keep it looking airy and open.


2. Keep Furniture Low

Get furniture or pieces that are lower and hug the ground so that it will create a sense of openness in the room. They leave the room with more space at the top and makes it feel more spacious.


3. Get Slim and Lithe Furniture

Another important element to ensure that the room looks more spacious is to use leggy furniture that allows the light and air to flow. Pieces that are long and leggy will open up the space for an airy look.


4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great ways to open up a space and make them look much bigger as it reflects light and also the surroundings. This creates the illusion of space and tricks the eye into thinking that the space is more vast than it actually is.


5. Use Lightweight Fabrics

Heavy, ornate drapes are not suitable for a small room as it will just drown it out and make it look cramped and enclosed. This will weigh down the room and make it look smaller. Instead, go for breezy fabrics like lace, linen and mesh that makes the room more airy.


6. Minimalism is Key

Having a small space means that you must be absolutely strict with yourself and get rid of all that unnecessary clutter. Don’t go overboard with the furniture and keep it simple. Minimalistic furniture is the way to go to make a small room look bigger.


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