5 Types of Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Design You Must Have

by HDM Editor Team

Kitchen is the heart of the house, the functional and well designed kitchen cabinet does not only make your house look modern but it will also allow you to complete a tasks easily, efficiently and safely. Thus, the functional and design of the kitchen cabinet play an important role. If the kitchen cabinet is extremely nice and beautiful on the outside but the measurements are all messed-up then it will be considered as useless kitchen cabinet. We don’t only look for modern & fantastic design kitchen cabinet, but also functionality & usability of the kitchen cabinet to satisfy everyone in the family.

Pre-Made Vs Customised Kitchen Cabinet

When coming to kitchen cabinet, most of the users won’t consider buying pre-made kitchen cabinet as it does not  fit to their kitchen space well, the colour might not match their taste, the design doesn’t not meet the requirements etc. So, the user will most probably get customised kitchen cabinet from the experts to maximum functionality & space efficiency.

Choosing Suitable Kitchen Cabinet Design

First at all, we need to consider what type of kitchen cabinet is the most suitable for our space, our budget and also our needs. We can discuss with the designer about your desire design, budget and colour, so that they will propose to you with the most appropriate kitchen cabinet which perfectly fits your needs .

These are the Modern Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets that you must have for your home:

1. Straight Line Kitchen Cabinet


If your kitchen space is small and narrow, the best selection of the kitchen cabinet layout is Straight Line Kitchen cabinet. The straight cabinet offer the most space saving and the price is less expensive if compared to other kitchen cabinet layout.

The simple straight Line cabinet can be modern by making space for built in fridge and microwave. Besides, this kitchen cabinet layout is suitable when the dining table is directly adjacent to the kitchen.

2. L Shape Kitchen Cabinet


This is the most popular kitchen cabinet layout for houses nowadays which are suitable for the medium space kitchen. L shape kitchen cabinet with sink installation at the short arm of the L, while the full cabinet for the fridge unit, microwave and oven at the other end.

L shape kitchen cabinet provides great cooking space and looks more stylish and is convenient to use when two people are cooking within the kitchen area.

3. U Shape Kitchen Cabinet


If you own a large kitchen then you can consider for a U Shape Kitchen cabinet layout where it provides more preparation space and allows multiple users cooking simultaneously in that space. U Shape kitchen cabinet makes your kitchen look gorgeous and beautiful and with the large space you can install more cabinets for storage purpose.

4. Double Line Kitchen Cabinet


Double Line kitchen cabinet is suitable for those with limited space in the kitchen but need more storage space.  This layout allows great storage and the users can easily get the things within nearer distance.  The sink, hood & hob can be installed at a straight Line while the full cabinet or tall unit can be installed at the opposite side of it. Although this layout provides greatest storage solution but it also make the kitchen compact and there will be some limitation while more than 2 people are cooking in the kitchen.

5. Kitchen Cabinet with Island  


A kitchen island is one of the solution for shortage of storage space and it looks beautiful. Island makes your kitchen look grand and modern at the same time. Besides that, kitchen island can be used as alternate dining area. Users can even use the kitchen island as preparing table as well.

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