10 Household Tips And Tricks For A Better Kitchen That’s Easy To Remember

by Adeline

These tips and tricks will help you keep groceries fresh for a longer time, maintaining the cleanliness of containers and also troubleshoots recipes that have gone wrong!

If you want to,

1. Keep vegetables in the fridge fresh

Vegetables rot faster due to excess moisture in the fridge and on the vegetables itself. To prevent veggies from rotting fast, line the crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture.

2. Keep vegetables crunchy

Some vegetables are tastier when they are crunchy. To revive veggies back into their crunchy state, dunk the vegetables in a bowl of iced water with a slice of raw potato. The veggies will freshen right up!

3. Make sure the mushrooms stay slime-free

Wrap the mushrooms in paper towels before refrigerating them! This will keep mushrooms fresh and not slimy longer. The mushrooms can also be kept in a paper bag or in a basket covered with cloth or newspaper.

4. Test the freshness of eggs

Ever cracked an egg only to find it had gone bad? Next time, drop the eggs into a glass of water to test its freshness. If it sinks, it’s a fresh egg. If it floats, it’s a bad egg and should be thrown out.

5. Revive old champagne bubblies

Instead of chucking a good bottle away, drop one or two raisins into the champagne. The sugars will do its work to bring the champagne back to its bubbly state.

6. Prevent salt from hardening

If you’re annoyed with hardened salt, sprinkle some rice grains into the shaker with the salt. The rice grains will absorb condensation that makes salt clumpy.

7. Prevent cooked pasta from hardening in the fridge

Ever got into the situation where you’ve cooked extra pasta to keep for the next day but it’s all hard and clumpy? To prevent that from happening, store cooked pasta in a sealed plastic bag and refrigerate it. To serve, boil the pasta for a few seconds to heat it up and restore moisture.

8. Clear up spots on stainless steel

Stainless steel is supposed to be stainless but spots can form on it. Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton wool or cloth and wipe it over the problem areas. You’ll have a sparkling stainless steel in no time!

9. Get rid of extra oil in soups

Put the pot of soup in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then spoon off the grease on top before reheating. A second method is to add a few ice cubes and remove them as soon as grease sticks to the ice cubes. Another alternative is to toss a lettuce leaf into the pot to absorb excess oil. Throw away the leaf once it looks limp.

10. Get the smell out of containers

Plastic containers are porous and may trap smells even after washing. To manage this, stuff crumpled newspaper inside the container to absorb the odours. Before using the containers, give them a rinse.

Feature image from Well+Good