7 Uniquely Stylish Faucets That You Should Have To Adorn Your Sinks

by Candyse

In a to-do list of home decor projects, the faucets in your house are probably one of the last things that you’ll consider. However, getting and installing a beautiful, sleek new faucet can actually work wonders and make your sink look even better. Not to mention, a new faucet is also functional but stylish as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started on getting a new faucet for your home.

1. Sleek and Modern Faucet

Revamp your kitchen sink with a beauty like this faucet that’s dressed up in gleaming gold and black theme. The faucet gives a glamorous edge to the predominantly black kitchen.


2. Contemporary Gold Faucets

These slim and shiny gold faucets are great for the bathroom and look even better when you put them in pairs like this.


3. Rustic and Stylish Faucet

Sometimes, just a simple faucet like this pipe will do much to transform your bathroom too, especially when it’s paired with a rough-hewn stone sink to give it a rustic edge.


4. Rugged Faucet

If your sink is a little plain and you want to add some visual interest, then you can consider a faucet like this. It looks like it’s made of pipe parts and adds a certain charm to the place.


5. Quirkily-shaped Faucet

Go for something different if you want your faucet to stand out, like this one in the picture below. The water flowing out from the tap is also flat, rather than round.


6. Unique Futuristic Faucet

This beautifully minimalist faucet is super simple but looks really cool at the same time. In fact, it looks more like an art installation than a faucet.


7. Minimalist and Elegant Faucet

This is perfect for a modern bathroom looking to upgrade its faucets. The sleek curve is different from the usual ones you see, making it look stylish.


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