9 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Ceiling at Home You Can’t Afford to Miss

by Candyse

Very often, we would be careful and detailed enough to decorate the whole house but there is one important element that we tend to overlook and that is the ceiling. A lot of people neglect the importance of dressing up your ceiling but when done right, it is superbly beautiful and can make a striking statement.

1. Linen Print

This awesome vintage looking room is made even more gorgeous by the linen print on the walls that run straight up to cover the ceiling. The entire room is given a vintage feel with the antique fixtures and fittings which make it look luxurious.


2. Gold Leaf

Gold naturally makes anything look more lavish and plush so this painted gold leaf design on the ceiling makes the home look really elegant. The sweet nature inspired designs in the room are inherently warm and inviting.


3. Starburst Mirror

Tray ceilings are a common way to spice up your home but this living room ceiling is certainly something special. Not only is the ceiling beautiful bamboo stalks, but the main focal point of the ceiling has got to be the starburst mirror that makes a dramatic statement.


4. Letters on Ceiling

Usually, one of the first things we see when we wake up is the ceiling that is right above our heads and stenciling some inspirational quotes on it is a great way to start the day. It can be anything you want, let your creative juices flow!


5. Plaster Tracery

The custom made plaster tracery motifs in this bedroom makes it look more grand and majestic. Especially when paired with the rest of the luxurious decor, this is certainly one bedroom that you can have sweet dreams.


6. Colourful Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are also a popular option in the home and this classy dining room pulls it off with style. The colourful, vividly patterned ceiling is attention grabbing even when the rest of the decor is elaborate as well.


7. Fabric Stripes

Think out of the box and choose some unusual decorations to jazz up a plain ceiling just like this ultra modern living room. The sharp, sleek edges of the furniture are soften by the undulating, wavy fabric stripes in neutral colours on the ceiling.


8. Painted Mural

A super simple way to add some life to a boring ceiling is to simply paint it and the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to use one colour to freshen it up or create a beautiful mural, it is entirely up to you.


9. Ceiling Molding

Installing moldings or trimmings to decorate your ceiling is a great way to add some style to your home and because it is so classic, it will remain timeless. A circular molding in this living room makes it look more dramatic and grand.


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