6 Vibrant and Colourful Staircases You Need to Incorporate In Your Home

by Candyse

Often, we may neglect the staircase when we are decorating our home but you should never do that as there are many different options for you to beautify the fixture. If you are looking to inject some colour in your home, starting with the staircase is a great way to do so.

1. Bright Orange Staircase

If your favourite colour is orange, now is the time to showcase this energetic colour in your home by using it in this elegant staircase. It is fully clad in the same bright colour that makes it look very attractive.


2. Deep Blue Cube Staircase

This deep blue colour looks really beautiful in your home especially on your stairwell which makes it look stylish and striking. This will make a statement in your home as well.


3. Geometric Spiral Staircase

Go for a subtle look in the spiral staircase that doesn’t really need much attention by but do enhance it further by putting some geometric patterns in multiple bold colours. The look is finished off with a rope handrail so that you can ascend or descend with ease.


4. Rainbow LED Light Staircase

If you love to customise and personalise your staircase then this pretty LED light is perfect for you. You can program it to be any colour you want which will definitely light up your home.


5. Ombre Staircase

The ombre trend is a classic style that looks both elegant and wonderful. Besides, the subtle shades soften the look which makes it a beautiful feature in your home.


6. Neon Rainbow Staircase

Allow your staircase to pop with some bright neon colours that will definitely attract attention. Paint them in a rainbow style so that you will always have a colourful spectrum greeting you whenever you step on the stairs.


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