5 Beautiful Ways You Can Use Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Home

by Candyse

There are so many reasons why you should include a healthy dose of plant life in any and every room of your home and you probably already know some of it. It doesn’t only add to the aesthetic value of your home but it also helps to reduce toxins in the air, improve air quality and can have aromatherapy benefits as well. Since it is so awesome, there’s no harm in incorporating some gorgeous indoor plants into your home so here are a few gorgeous looks you can emulate.

1. Cosy & Warm Bedroom with Potted Plants

This bedroom is done in a warm colour palette that makes you feel cosy and comfy while you’re lying in bed. Although the shape of the room isn’t your traditional box, the slanted ceilings add an air of quirkiness. The exposed brick wall is a great idea but what’s more attention-grabbing is the various potted plants that provide a breath of fresh air to the bedroom


2. Modern Minimalist Living Bedroom with Plants

This style is classic and timeless for a living room or practically anywhere in the home. The neutral colours go well with anything but the gold accents and pretty wall art adds some visual interest so it doesn’t look too stark and boring. Best of all, the different plants in the living room make it feel homier.


3. Foyer Decorated with Plants

The foyer is something that your guests will see when they enter the home so it’s important to decorate it nicely. This is also a chance for you to show your love for indoor plants where you can place as many as you like to freshen up your home.


4. Rustic Kitchen with Stylish Plants

Rustic, farmhouse style kitchens are very warm and beautiful especially if you use the right furnishings. A heavy wooden table and ornate steel chairs are a great addition, plus potted plants dotted around the room will liven up the place.


5. Bright Bathroom Livened Up with Plants

You would probably not expect plants to be in the bathroom but this versatile vegetation can actually be placed anywhere you want. In here, it jazzes up what would otherwise be a boring bathroom and makes it look more interesting.


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