Kitchen Wall Unit Layout Planning For Beginners

by HDM Editor Team

Have you ever faced difficulties while navigating around your kitchen such as bumping your head when preparing food for your family? Or reaching out to things which are kept at high wall cabinets? The main problem here would be how you install your wall unit based on your kitchen layout and cooking behaviour.

Kitchen wall unit and cabinet are very important and useful for storage purpose. There are certain knowledge that you need to know when installing the kitchen cabinet. If you install the wall unit too high, it will cause inconvenience when retrieving things; if you install the wall unit too low, it blocks your view and causes injury every time u bump your head onto it. Therefore in this article, we would like to discuss on how to fully install the kitchen wall cabinet properly so that you will feel more comfortable and more user friendly.


The 2 main points you need to take note for kitchen cabinet installation are:

  • Height of the kitchen wall unit
  • Depth of the kitchen base unit

According to the survey, the average height of an Asian lady is in the range of 160cm – 170cm. So from the analysis, the ideal height of the kitchen base unit is about 79cm – 86cm. For example, if your height is about 160cm, you would be able to reach at the middle part of kitchen wall unit (Distance from floor is about 170cm); and the standard height of the wall unit is about 63cm – 76cm . In the other word, the distance for wall unit must be 63cm – 76cm from the base unit table top.

If you would like the wall unit be aligned with kitchen hood, then the distance must be about 63cm – 76cm from the table top.

What if your height is 160cm – 170cm?

The wall unit and the base unit is extremely related: When the base unit depth increased, the wall unit height can be properly adjusted.  If you plan to increase the standard size of the base unit depth from 61cm to 76cm, then the distance between the base unit and the wall unit should be in range of 38cm – 51cm.

With this ideal measurement and alignment of the kitchen cabinet, taller people won’t need to worry about bumping on his/her head while preparing food; at the same time the shorter people are able to retrieve things from the wall unit easier.

If your kitchen have big space, you can consider installing the base unit with the depth of 76cm which will be more convenient and comfortable while preparing food.

But, if your kitchen space is narrow, the base unit depth of 76cm will take up a lot of kitchen space, so standard depth of 61cm would be the best measurement.  If you have problems retrieving things from the upper layer of wall unit, you can try by using some of the kitchen accessories such as lifting the hanging cabinet basket.

Bear in mind, although the wall unit is very useful, it will cause many problems if you install the wall unit incorrectly.

Here’s some tips you need to take note for your kitchen wall unit installation:


1. Wall unit must be connected from each module

As the wall unit is suspended in the air, which requires the connecting piece/ accessory to connect each wall unit, so that it can be firmly hanging at the middle. In other words, the kitchen wall unit frame installation is the key point, which indirectly affects the installation of the hanging cabinet.

2. Height of the wall unit

Most of the people are having headache with the wall unit height, if the wall unit is installed too high, this will cause inconvenience, while if the wall unit is installed too low, it will cause accident (knock your head) easily. So, you will need to survey extensively before deciding on the measurement to install your kitchen wall unit.

3. Wall unit measurement

You would need to figure out the ideal height of your kitchen wall unit. Besides measuring for maximum efficiency of your kitchen storage, it will also need to serve your operation’s needs.

4. Beware of the kitchen wall alignment

You must hire kitchen professional with proper equipment to measure the wall alignment well in order to get the kitchen wall unit properly aligned. If the wall itself is not flat, your professional will need to do extra to touch up the kitchen wall so that the kitchen cabinet looks aligned and well installed.













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