8 Beautiful Vases You Need to Freshen Up Your Home

by Candyse

Putting fresh living plants in your home is a great way to liven up the space while adding some colour into it. In addition, this will also be good for you because it is common knowledge that plants produce more oxygen for us. So here are some gorgeous vases you need to display those beautiful plants.

1. Round Glass Vase

Displaying a round transparent glass vase right in the center of your coffee table makes your living room look super stylish. Get some long stemmed plants to make an amazing centerpiece.


2. Sparkling Silver Vases

What could be prettier than displaying your gorgeous flowers in some glittery silver vases that are incredibly versatile? It definitely makes an eye catching display and brightens up your home.


3. Artistic White Floor Vase

Fill up an empty corner of your home with this elegant and slim floor vase that showcases any long stemmed plants perfectly. It can be matched with most home decor thanks to its neutral colour.


4. Slim Glass Vase

Make your home feel beachy and relaxed with the addition of this sophisticated glass vase. Just fill it up with some soft sand, decorative pebbles and the plant of your choice for an outstanding display.


5. Copper Foil Vase

While glass vases are beautiful and trendy, this particular glass vase takes style up a notch with its gleaming copper bottom. Its small size means that it is suitable for small homes as well.


6. Concrete Gray Clay Vase

Add a bit of the industrial trend into your home with this slim and petite vase that can be virtually displayed anywhere you want in the home. The blush pink base keeps it from being too bland.


7. Patterned Petite Vases

Vases come in many shapes and sizes for you to be creative with the arrangement. This group of mini vases with intricate patterns make an exceptional display with some green plants in it.


8. Pitcher Vase

If you have some old pitchers lying around that you don’t use anymore then it is a good idea to repurpose it to become a quirky vase for your blooms. You can update the look by spray painting it a new colour and then arranging your preferred plants inside.


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