8 Creative Ways to Save Space in Your Small Apartment

by Candyse

Not all of us are blessed enough to have the ability to buy or live in a huge home and have to be contented with a less spacious place. But this doesn’t mean we can’t make it look homey and inviting, or have the essential things we need in the house. Here are some ways to maximise the space in your small, cosy apartment.

1. Drop Leaf Tables

Tables are essential items in the house for you to dine on, work on or even just a convenient surface to put your stuff. For small apartments, horizontal space is at a premium so having a drop leaf table that easily folds down when you don’t need that extra surface is a super neat idea.


2. Raise Your Bed

Not having an enclosed bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing because you can utilise the bigger floor space you have for entertaining or relaxing. Besides, elevating your bed means that your bedroom is safe from prying eyes, especially in an open plan apartment.


3. Hide Your Furniture

There are other options to hide your furniture, other than folding it up on the wall. For example, you can get customised furniture that efficiently stays hidden right in the floor. It may be slightly costlier but it’s worth it for that extra floor space you’ll get.


4. Utilise Vertical Space

As you already know, every inch of space is precious in a small home and that includes vertical space as well. Hence, if your house has high ceilings then you should take advantage of the height to build some shelves to store your things.


5. Remove Doors

Of course, you’ll still want your privacy so actually what you should do is replace your doors with sliding walls instead. This allows your house to look much bigger and you can easily turn two rooms into one big room.


6. Use Mirrors Cleverly

Mirrors reflect light and makes the space look bigger than it actually is, but you don’t have to stick with the traditional mirrors in your bedroom and bathroom. Instead, you can make use of mirrored tiles or like this gorgeous reflective kitchen island which instantly brightens up your kitchen.


7. Slide-out Cabinet

You know how we keep saying that every inch of space is precious in a small home? Yes, even the awkward little gap between the fridge and the wall is usable and can actually be fitted with a slim pull out cabinet for a mini pantry.


8. Display Your Clothes

Wardrobes and closets are often bulky and takes up a lot of space in your small home. Therefore, instead of buying a huge wardrobe in your home, why not just get a slim rack and put your clothes out all in the open? That way, your fashionable apparels can be admired and you get to save space as well.


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