9 Bright Ideas To Lighten Up Your Home with Unique & Elegant Light Fixtures

by Candyse

Having a bright and light-filled home goes a long way into making it look elegant and beautiful. You will notice that many bright and well-lit places will give you a sense of comfort and unless you are opening a bar or nightclub, good light fixtures can do wonders for a room. Gone are the days when the bare bulb or fluorescent tube are your main choices as there are now so many unique and quirky lighting options out there. Here are some that might just tickle your fancy!

1. Huge Elegant Lightbulb (Light Fixtures)

This is different from the usual lightbulbs you see, as it is bigger than usual. But what makes it stand out from others is the eye-catching filament strands inside and the bronze top as well.


2. Wavy Light Tube

This tube is way more aesthetically pleasing than those boring old fluorescent ones. In fact, this looks downright edgy and glamorous thanks to its unique curves.


3. Modern and Simple Chandelier

Chandeliers can be simple too, especially in a small home where you don’t want it to overpower the rest of your decor. The warm glow emitting from the five oversized bulbs on this chandelier adds the perfect touch to a modern home.


4. Classy Pendant Lights

This modern kitchen is completed with the golden pendant lights that encircle two warm lightbulbs, giving it a classy look. It immediately draws the eye up, giving an impression that the room is really spacious.


5. Understated Wall Lights

Don’t underestimate wall lights, as they can change the whole demeanour of the room. This toilet has stylish and pretty wall lights above the his-and-hers sinks for an added touch of elegance.


6. Contemporary Chandelier

New chandelier designs these days tend to be more simple and understated, depending on the usage of the fixture. This cute yet quirky chandelier is given a touch of chic thanks to the gold trimmings that elevate the whole look.


7. Futuristic and Sleek Lights

In a modern home, you would often futuristic decor such as this light fixture that fits in perfectly with the surroundings. The spokes that showcase the lights are definitely something you don’t see often.


8. Hanging Balls of Light

These lightbulbs that have varying lengths provide visual interest in what would otherwise be a very plain room and the black and gold scheme complement the green tones perfectly.


9. Dreamy Column of Light

Adding some ambience lighting in the form of this standing lamp is a brilliant idea. And because of its unique curves, it softens the atmosphere of the room.


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