8 Lightning Fast Ways To Glam Up Your Bathroom

by Adeline

Bathrooms can be a mini getaway at home too! Are there guests coming to stay overnight? Here are some quick decor additions to make your bathroom look beautiful:

1. Candle

Scented candles will give a nice and light fragrance in the bathroom. Not only that, it can help the bathroom have a tranquil and spa-like ambience.

2. Fun towel décor

Do you have extra face towels lying around in the house? Get on Youtube tutorials to learn how to roll your towels into interesting shapes! The quirky towels may put a smile on your face every time you enter the bathroom.

3. Mirror

Move away from the usual rectangular mirror and try different shapes. Popular ones at the moment are the round mirrors hung from a rope or string. And make sure it’s big.

4. Hardware furnishing

Instead of changing the bathroom cabinets or drawers, spruce it up by changing the knobs into something more decorative and artsy.

5. Glam bottles

Pour the handsoap, shampoo and body wash into beautiful bottles to give the bathroom a getaway feel. Cotton buds and wools can be stored in glass jars.

6. Plants

Keeping a small potted plant or airplant in the bathroom is another easy way to liven up the space. Placing it by the sink makes watering easier. The plus for having plants is that you get to shop for pretty containers or vases too!

7. Rugs

If you’re bored with the rugs at home, change it up by purchasing patterned ones for some fun. It’s another fast way to add colour and vibrancy to the room.

8. Lighting

Lighting always plays a huge role in raising the glam factor. Experiment with different types of lampshades and bulbs. Experts recommend lamps to be placed on both sides of the mirror instead of overhead lights to prevent shadows which makes shaving or applying makeup tricky.

For a spa-like ambience, use recessed can lights for less harsh lighting or dimmer lights so you get to control the brightness to fit the mood.

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