12 Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas For Your Small Apartment

by Candyse

You might think that having a small bathroom means that there isn’t much that you can do in terms of design. But there’s where you are wrong, because by just changing the tiles in your bathroom is enough to give it a complete makeover. Tiles are also versatile, as you can create so many different types of designs from various tiles.

1. Light Coloured Tiles

It is a commonly known fact that light colours can brighten up a small space and make it look more spacious. While it doesn’t mean that you should only go for white, instead, you can consider some soft, neutral colours like beige or light gray that will remain elegant over time.


2. Glass Mosaic Tiles

Draw attention to your bathroom floors with these gorgeous glass tiles to create an interesting mosaic pattern. Not only it does look unique, it will make your bathroom look more cheerful.


3. Use the Same Tiles for Walls and Floors

To create a uniform, luxurious hotel vibe, you can consider tiling the floor and walls with the same tiles. A simple, understated tile is enough, which should be offset which some premium furnishings.


4. Mix Different Shades of Same Colour

Create a chic waterfall effect by combining two or three tiles of different shades but from the same colour for a quirky patchwork effect. This motif can be carried out on the walls and floors.


5. Use Vertical Tiles

Trick the eye into thinking that you have a bigger than average bathroom by using vertical tiles on your walls. This gives the illusion of height and creates a visual texture.


6. Charming Hexagonal Pattern

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t play with around with patterns, especially on the floor. This dramatic hexagonal pattern makes your bathroom look more luxurious.


7. Glamorous Blue

Mimic the feeling of being in the sea by tiling your bathroom with these cool blue hexagonal tiles. Handy little niches are perfect for putting your shower paraphernalia while the gold shower fixtures add to the glam factor.


8. Chevron Pattern

Chevron patterns are trendy and used in many aspects of the home. Adding this pattern by tiling the floor in your bathroom makes it look much more quirky and dramatic.


9. Unusual Opal

This unique opal pattern on the shower walls of this bathroom makes it look extraordinary and fascinating. Keep the rest of the bathroom simple so that it doesn’t take attention away from the unusual pattern.


10. Scallop Pattern

The scallop pattern is a classic style in the interior design world and incorporating into a bathroom makes it look rather whimsical. Outfitting the rest of the bathroom in simple, quirky designs makes the room look more intriguing.


11. Mirrored Tiles

The age-old trick of creating the illusion of space by using mirrors is applicable in a small bathroom as well. Try this trick by using mirrored tiles that only makes your bathroom look brighter but also makes it look super glam.


12. Horizontal Stripe

You want to make people think that your small bathroom is bigger than it actually is, then you can do so by adding a horizontal stripe around the width of the room. This makes the space look wider, and you should keep the bathroom clutter-free so it looks bigger.


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