7 Best Ceiling Fan in Malaysia For A Cooler Breeze

by Areej

With the rising heat brought on by global warming, everyone’s looking for durable ceiling fans for their homes. Additionally, the demand for energy-saving options has grown when choosing a ceiling fan because of the depletion of energy resources and the rising cost of electricity bills. It can be difficult to find the ideal fan for your space because Malaysia is home to so many high-tech ceiling fans made by various electronic manufacturers. But don’t worry—we did the work for you!

We’re here to introduce you to the top ceiling fans Malaysia has to offer based on factors like the motor’s power, durability, blade pitch, ease of use, energy efficiency, and a lot more. We’ve selected the top fan models in the market and created this comprehensive guide to help you find an ideal match for your Malaysian home. These will not only keep you cool in the summer but will also enhance the beauty of your home. So read on and say goodbye to inefficient and dull ceiling fans.

What to look for when buying a ceiling fan?

You must consider the following factors when buying a ceiling fan for your home:

  • Size of the fan: Choose the right size according to the dimensions of your room and the height of the ceiling.
  • Energy efficiency: If you don’t want to spend too much on electricity bills later on, you better look for a fan with more energy star ratings. Or look for a fan graded as “A” in energy efficiency.
  • Motor: Choose a fan with a powerful but noiseless motor. The more efficient a motor is, the less power it is going to consume.
  • Blades and blade pitch: Decide on the number of blades before buying. Look for a better blade pitch for optimal airflow.
  • Control system: Consider the type of control system in the fan you’re buying. Look whether it has a remote control or a wall switch.
  • Design: Choose a design that blends with your room decor well. It is totally up to your personal preference.
  • Installation: Make sure the fan you’re buying is compatible with your existing electrical setup and can be installed easily.

Our Selection of 7 Best Ceiling Fans in Malaysia

Get ready to conquer the heat of the coming summers and add sophistication to your home with these seven best ceiling fans in Malaysia:

1. Panasonic NAMI 5 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M15E2VBHH (60″)

The first fan on our list is the Panasonic NAMI 5 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M15E2VBHH (60″). This fan provides you with the greatest convenience and elegance at once thanks to its powerful motor, durable blades, modern design, and superior air delivery. This ceiling fan is perfect for large spaces and has a remote control with five preset speeds. Its Yuragi function is aimed at giving you the experience of a natural breeze indoors.

The features that make it one of our favorite ceiling fans are:

  • Multiple safety features: thermal safety fuse, current fuse, safety wire, cut-off safety switch, and blade safety plate
  • 1/f Yuragi function: sophisticated formula to generate a “Natural Breeze”
  • 3D blade design for strong airflow
  • Durable blades made of PPG material
  • Remote control
  • 5 preset speeds
  • Sleep Mode: automatically reduces fan speed
  • Energy efficient

Visit them via:

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2. Ecobreeze Ceiling Fan EB-6018DC (With Remote Control)

With the Ecobreeze Ceiling Fan EB-6018DC, you can now give your house the perfect solution for comfort and style. This fan comes equipped with an efficient motor and three 60-inch metal blades for powerful airflow and maximum air circulation in your room. Most of all, you can manage your comfort with the palm of your hand. Yes! Its remote control allows you to turn the fan on and off and change its speed while sitting on your bed.

Get ready for a cool, refreshing breeze with the following features of this ceiling fan:

  • Powerful DC motor: 235 rpm air delivery
  • 5-star energy efficiency ratings
  • Power consumption as low as 30W
  • With remote control
  • 5 different speed settings
  • Multi-level safety protection: double safety bolt, heat fuse, vibration plate, and safety wire
  • 60-inch metal fan blades

Visit them via:

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3. Panasonic WIFAN Wifi 3-Blade Ceiling Fan F-M12ECVBKH

Stay calm and connected with the Panasonic F-M12ECVBKH ceiling fan. With its cutting-edge Wifi technology, you can easily control this WIFAN ceiling fan from anywhere using a mobile app. No more worries about leaving your fan running while you’re away – simply use your mobile device to turn it off. It has a handy remote control as well. Featuring an efficient motor, broader air distribution, a natural breeze mode, and whisper-quiet operation, this fan is a must-have for any Malaysian household.

Some features of this ceiling fan that are worth mentioning include:

  • Wider air delivery: about 200 m³/min
  • Mobile app control: control your fan anywhere anytime with the mobile devices
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple and contemporary remote control
  • Scheduling function, sleep mode, and On/Off timer
  • New generation powerful DC motor
  • 1/f Yuragi: Natural Breeze function
  • Quiet operation: low noise level of only 41 decibels
  • A reverse function that rotates the fan in a clockwise mode: an even airflow and more comfortable temperature
  • Memory function
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Durable ABS-GF blades

Visit them via:

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4. Panasonic Bayu 4-Blade Ceiling Fan (56″) F-M14CZ VBKH

Enjoy a cool breeze with a touch of elegance with another fan from Panasonic: the Bayu 4-Blade Ceiling Fan F-M14CZ VBKH. This fan boasts a sleek matte black finish, an efficient motor, and four durable blades, making it the perfect cooling system for any room. Moreover, it lets you control your comfort with ease using the remote control, which has three-speed settings.

With these incredible features of the Panasonic Bayu Ceiling Fan, you can have it all:

  • 4-blade elegant design
  • Low energy consumption with 5-star energy ratings
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Remote control with 3-preset speed
  • 1, 3, 6-hour off timer and 3, 6-hour sleep timer for easy scheduling
  • Easy to install

Visit them via:

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5. Pensonic PCF-6001B

Now you can enjoy a cool breeze and comfort all at once with the Pensonic PCF-6001B ceiling fan. This fan is ideal for the climate in Malaysia. Its powerful copper motor and smooth operation add to its overall efficiency. It elevates the style and sleekness of any room’s decor with its simple and basic design. A 5-speed regulator control makes controlling the fan simple, and its safety features give you the peace of mind you need.

The Pensonic PCF-6001B ceiling fan combines many amazing features, some of which are listed below:

  • Low power consumption with only 72W wattage
  • Sleek 3-blade design
  • The black color that goes well with any interior
  • Pure copper motor: increases efficiency and reduces electricity bills
  • 5-speed regulator control
  • Maximum safety protection: safety wire, safety thermal fuse, etc.

Visit them via:

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6. Deka Ceiling Fan (5 Blade)-DS11

Stay ahead of the summer game with our favorite ceiling fan from Deka: the DS-11 5-blade ceiling fan. With its powerful motor and five blades, this fan delivers maximum air circulation for any room. Want even more circulation? Its reverse airflow feature has you covered. Its stylish design and easy control with a remote control make it a great addition to any home. But what’s the real game changer? It’s the DS-11’s Quiet Breeze function that provides a cool, serene atmosphere without producing any annoying noise.

Upgrade your home with the no-regret choice of the Deka DS-11 ceiling fan. Here are some of its features:

  • Maximum air circulation with the 5-blade design
  • High-speed powerful DC motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Reverse airflow: 7 speeds forward and 7 speeds reverse
  • Quiet Breeze function: experience natural breeze in a quiet atmosphere
  • Slimline fully functional remote control

Visit them via:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. KDK K15V0 Ceiling Fan

Beat the summer heat and transform your living space into a cool and stylish oasis with the KDK K15V0 ceiling fan. This ceiling fan has a minimalist white finish that creates a fresh and modern look, seamlessly blending into any decor style. Apart from design, the fan is a no-match in its operation as well. It saves energy, is highly safe, runs quietly, and delivers the highest airflow. What else do you need? Take charge of your comfort with ease through the simple operation of its wall regulator. 

The features of the KDK K15V0 ceiling fan that make it a must-have appliance are:

  • Energy-saving 14 Pole Condenser motor
  • 5-star energy ratings
  • Enhanced safety with the cut-off safety device and blade safety plate
  • Maximum air delivery: 230 m³/min
  • Unique design: hexagon decorative cover and white finish
  • Low noise level: less than 62 decibels
  • Three wider sweeping blades

Visit them via:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Final Thoughts

Finding the best ceiling fan for your Malaysian home can be a breeze with the right information. But with the many models available on the market, it’s important to consider factors such as motor power, energy efficiency, air delivery, safety, and control before making your final decision. Whether you’re looking for a sleek fan design or want something efficient to save on your electricity bills, this guide has something for you. With our comprehensive list of ceiling fans, you can be sure to find the perfect appliance for your home. So don’t let the summer heat slow you down. Elevate your home’s cooling system with a top-notch ceiling fan from our carefully curated list today!

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