Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Hob Review: Precision Cooking at Its Best

by Areej

In the heart of every home, the kitchen is where delicious flavours come to life and lasting memories are made. If you’re a cooking enthusiast, choosing the right kitchen appliances is a big deal. When it comes to kitchen hobs, there’s a world of options, but fear not! Bosch is a name long associated with quality and innovation in kitchen hobs. Among their products, one standout option is the Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Hob. It boasts a sleek, brushed stainless steel exterior and modern controls that add a touch of elegance and durability to your kitchen.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this hob, exploring its performance, design, user-friendliness, and durability. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision when picking the perfect culinary companion for your kitchen. Let’s get started!

Introducing the Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Gas Hob

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The Bosch Series 6 Hob is a remarkable addition to your kitchen that seamlessly combines style with precision. It stands out with its stainless-steel finish, elevating the aesthetics of your kitchen space. Equipped with FlameSelect technology, this gas hob offers nine distinct power levels to ensure you achieve the perfect cooking results every time. The cast iron pan not only provides stability but also adds to its durability. Operating it is a breeze with the sword knobs and ignition via the control knob. Most of all, this hob also includes a flame failure safety device for your peace of mind. It is preset for natural gas at 20 mbar. With its 60 cm width, it is designed to seamlessly fit into your kitchen space.

Features of Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Hob

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The following are some notable features of this gas hob:

  • FlameSelect: This feature offers nine precisely defined power levels, allowing you to control the intensity of the flame for each burner. This precise control is essential for achieving the perfect cooking results, whether you need high heat for searing or gentle simmering.
  • Ignition via Control Knob: The convenience of ignition via the control knob means you can start cooking without needing a separate ignition source. It simplifies the cooking process.
  • Cast Iron Pan Supports: The cast iron pan supports are robust and stable. They are designed to hold your cookware securely and evenly distribute heat. This is especially important for heavy pots and pans and helps prevent accidental spills.
  • 2 Gas and a Wok Burner: This combination of regular gas burners and a high-powered wok burner offers diversity in cooking options.
    • Right Rear: The Rapid burner with up to 3 KW output (output may vary depending on the type of gas you use) is perfect for rapid boiling and high-heat cooking.
    • Right Front: The Economy burner with up to 1 KW output is excellent for low-heat simmering, keeping dishes warm, or cooking delicate foods.
    • Left: The wok burner with up to 4 KW output is specially designed for wok cooking, which requires intense heat to achieve authentic stir-fry results.
  • Dual-Circuit Burner: The dual-circuit burner is a versatile feature. It allows you to use a smaller or larger flame as needed, making it suitable for both high-heat cooking and gentle simmering. This flexibility is perfect for preparing a wide range of dishes.
  • Flame Failure Safety Device: This safety feature is designed to cut off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished. It provides peace of mind and ensures that no gas is released into your kitchen without a flame.
  • Accessories (Liquid Gas Nozzles): These included nozzles allow you to adapt the gas hob for use with liquid gas at different pressures, making it versatile and adaptable to your specific gas supply.


Here are some amazing benefits of having the Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Gas Hob in your kitchen:

  1. Stainless Steel Material: The gas hob is constructed with stainless steel, which not only gives it a sleek and modern appearance but also ensures durability and easy cleaning. As stainless steel is resistant to staining and corrosion, our hob still shines as brightly as new.
  1. Step Valve with Nine Steps: The step valve with nine steps provided us with fine-tuned control over the gas flow, letting us adjust the heat output with precision. This is particularly useful when switching between different cooking temperatures quickly.
  1. Sword Knobs: The Bosch Series 6 gas hob is equipped with sword knobs that not only look stylish but are also ergonomic. They are designed for easy and comfortable grip, enhancing the overall user experience.
  1. Multiple Cooking Zones: This gas hob features multiple cooking zones. It can accommodate various pot and pan sizes. This granted us versatility in the kitchen, enabling the preparation of multiple dishes simultaneously.
  1. Dimensions: The spacious width of this gas hob is suitable for various kitchen configurations. It provides ample space for your cookware and allows you to prepare multiple dishes at once.


The following are some drawbacks to consider before buying this hob:

  1. No Residual Heat Indicator: The absence of a residual heat indicator means you won’t be immediately aware of whether the hob is still hot after use. This feature is important for safety, as it warns you not to touch or place items on the hob’s surface until it has cooled down, reducing the risk of burns or accidents.
  1. Energy Waste: Some users have found this hob to be less energy efficient as compared to other hobs on the market. This not only affects your wallet but also has a negative impact on the environment.

In Summary

Get your Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Gas Hob today: click here

The Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Hob offers a compelling option for those seeking precision cooking and elegant design in their kitchen. Its stainless steel construction, FlameSelect technology, and multiple burners make it a versatile and reliable choice for cooking enthusiasts. However, it’s essential to note the absence of a residual heat indicator before buying it. Ultimately, the Bosch Series 6 Stainless Steel Hob stands as a valuable addition to any kitchen, offering exceptional performance, though you should weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

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