10 Best Kitchen Hob In Malaysia

by Nicholas Chew

Choosing the right kitchen instruments that match your style, budget, and aesthetics is crucial. Today, the Malaysian market is full of a variety of these appliances in different styles to let people easily pick the one they really like. Whether modern or comfy, a kitchen is the heart of a house. It is crucial to pick a tool that seamlessly fits the space.

Among all the indispensable kitchen tools, a hob is the most important as it is built to integrate onto the top perfectly. Traditional cooktops are a thing of the past as modern gas hobs have a built-in design, varied flame settings, cast iron pan support, and heat control while offering the utmost safety.

If you’re looking for the finest kitchen hobs in Malaysia, going through this blog might help you.

1. Rubine Stainless Steel Gas Hob

Built-in hobs are gaining popularity in Malaysia owing to their robust build and stunning looks. If you’re a Malaysian searching for a high-quality gas hob to make a cooking space appear aesthetic while reaping the perks of ease of cleaning, maintenance, and convenience, Rubine has something for you.

The RGH-CALDO3B-SS hob by the brand is among the most distinguished devices in Malaysia. It is so because the model’s surface is made of stainless steel and a vortex or twister burner flamer. It features a powerful burner of 5.2kW, a cast iron pan, a D-size ignition battery, and a wok stand to offer you the best cooking experience.

Key Differentiators:

  • Comes with a Vortex or Twister Flame Burner.
  • Flame Failure Device (FFD) Protection
  • Includes Pan Support with Wind Barricade.

2. Fotile Super Flame Kitchen Hob

Cooking has never been easier and more enjoyable unless it is done on the super flame hob by Fotile. This device is slowly gaining popularity in the Malaysian market, all thanks to its advanced features and the 6-core technology to offer you the best experience. It offers a 5kW heat load and 60% heat efficiency while making food.

This high-quality hob by Fotile features a stable pan support to hold the wok and prevent heat from transferring to the knob. Lastly, it offers 0-second ignition for faster cooking and saving 20% gas.

Key Differentiators:

  • Equipped with Super Flame Technology
  • Super-boosted 60% heat efficiency
  • Aluminum alloy burner to prevent rusting

3. IKEA Grundad Induction Gas Hob

Ikea is a globally reputed brand known for its wide range of well-designed, functional induction hobs at low prices that people can easily afford. It is incredibly energy efficient, quick, and transmits energy straight into cookware. It has a touch control panel to monitor heat smoothly with a simple touch.

You can activate the child lock feature by clicking the safety key for a few seconds. The best thing about it is the anti-overflow detection that automatically switches it off if the food boils and dribbles onto the panel. Since the hob operates with less energy, it is environmentally sustainable.

Key Differentiators:

  • Anti-spill detection to avoid spills.
  • Comes with a child lock
  • Power-efficient and quick operation.
  • Touch control feature to monitor heat.

4. Electrolux UltimateTaste Gas Hob

If you also think traditional hobs are a thing of the past, it is time to switch to the ones supplied by Electrolux. This built-in hob is 80cm long with 2 cooking areas, which lets you cook multiple dishes. It features varied settings to control the heat precisely, thus improving efficiency.

People who love stir-frying their foods must consider investing in this product, as its high-power burner is ideal. The best feature of this hob is the Safety Shut-off that automatically cust gas supply if the flame is out during cooking.

Key Differentiators:

  • Step Flame settings for accurate heat monitoring.
  • Flame Shield betters efficiency and outcomes.
  • High Capacity Burner is ideal for stir-frying.
  • Safety Shut-off cuts the supply if the flame is out.

5. Elba Built-in Glass Kitchen Hob

Elba is a trusted and reputed cooking and home appliances provider, especially kitchen hobs across Malaysia. The high-quality hobs the brand supply feature cast iron support to ensure the pots and pans remain stable while cooking. It is made of sturdy tempered glass and an aluminum frame to keep everyone safe while providing intense heat and a steady flame for stir-frying.

Key Differentiators:

  • Features a cast iron support and safety valve
  • Made of tempered glass and aluminum frame
  • Some hobs have a mirror design on the edge
  • Has a triple-ring M-burner for better cooking

6. Teka Infinity G1 Glass Stove Hob

Specially designed in Italy by Giugiaro Italdesign, this glass hob is exclusively available in a matte black finish with copper metallic details to enhance the aesthetics of the cooking space. The brand aims to make your experience enjoyable by giving its products a texture reminiscent of velvet, soft to the touch, and transforming a kitchen into a unique space using various technologies still new to the public.

This hob features auto-ignition technology to generate a spark without a lighter and a cast iron grid to let you cook without interruptions. Most importantly, it has two double-ring burners and a ceramic glass surface.

Key Differentiators:

  • Auto-lock safety system for utmost safety.
  • Cast iron grids and wok support.
  • Auto-ignition feature to cook without a lighter.

7. Rinnai Glass Kitchen Gas Hob

Anyone planning to remodel their cooking space must opt for a built-in hob by Rinnai. Since traditional countertops are in the past, it is finally the time to install aesthetically-created hobs to lend an elegant yet contemporary impression to a kitchen.

The 3-burner built-in hob by Rinnai is constructed of glass and equipped with characteristics you won’t see in any other hob. It offers 52% heat efficiency, allowing the internal flamer to cook by consuming lower gas than a conventional hob.

It has many flame settings with a simmer to provide different temperatures to prepare Asian meals. Besides, it has an internal flamer to reduce heat loss while cooking and a timer for up to 4 hours. Since there is no hob crown and ring to clean in this hob, it requires minimal upkeep.

Key Differentiators:

  • High warmth efficiency due to internal flame.
  • Various flame settings and a simmer.
  • Cast iron pan support to provide resilience.

8. Milux Cast Iron Burner Cooker Hob

Since cooker hobs are becoming an aesthetic piece across Malaysia nowadays, it is suggested to invest in the ones that work the best and look the best. Milux across the country supplies such hobs at affordable prices. These pieces have a tempered glass surface to protect the burner from spills while cooking and a cast iron burner head that lasts for a long time.

This cooker hob comes with a double jet system, an enamel stand, a wok stand, piezo ignition, and a cut-piece flame for your best experience.

Key Differentiators:

  • Tempered glass surface to protect from spills.
  • Cast iron head for durability and efficiency.

9. Morgan Glass 4.3kW Cooker Hob

Without a hob, a kitchen is incomplete. And the best quality ones are provided by Morgan. The brand’s high-grade tempered glass burner is popular because it provides better heating and cooling speed. They are perfect for Malaysian kitchens for cooking vibrant dishes with richness, spice, juiciness, and freshness.

Morgan’s MBH-622 Optiflex BIH model features two ceramic-coated burner caps and a powerful flame of 4.3kW. The best feature of the hob is its flexibility to fit in any cutout size. Besides, it is easy to maintain since you must wipe away the spills with a damp sponge or cloth.

Key Differentiators:

  • Dupli cast iron trivets and batter ignition.
  • Made of 8mm high-grade tempered glass.

10. Midea Built-in 5.8kW Cooker Hob

The last hob on the list, exclusively available in Malaysia, is supplied by Midea. This built-in tool is made of premium brass with sturdily built to kindle your love for cooking and keep you company for a long time. It features a Bi-Hybrid Combustion System that triggers the gas to combine with oxygen to dismiss intense fire with 65% fuel efficiency.

Midea gas hob has different flame settings for cookery, stir-frying, boiling, braising, and incremental simmering. It is also very easy to operate. All you need to do is push and twist the knobs to activate the flame immediately. This hob’s thoughtful and ingenious design is ideal for giving a kitchen an aesthetic touch.

Key Differentiators:

  • Corrosion-resistant tempered glass exterior.
  • Temperature sensing, flame oversight safety.
  • Different burner settings according to needs.
  • Bi-hybrid discharge design for efficiency.
  • ¼ anti-standing heat-resistant pot ring setup.

Wrapping Up

Whether re-designing a kitchen or building a new one from scratch, paying attention to the features and quality of a hob is crucial. We hope this blog helps you understand the role of a hob in a kitchen and why it is essential to purchasing a quality one from the most trusted suppliers across Malaysia.

Since the technique of preparing meals has evolved through generations, traditional stove hobs no longer serve us. That’s why one must invest their money in a modern one. We hope this blog helps you make the right choice.

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