This House in Thailand Features A Cove-Like Extension Which Bridges the Gap Between Outdoor and Indoor

by Nicholas Chew

Nestled in a quaint village near the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand, is a compact, 150 square meter house built on two-thirds of a 256 square meter site.

An extension of the house was vital, on the remaining portion of the land, as the existing villa was too cramped for the family of five – a couple, their two children, and the grandmother.

Project: House COVE(R)
Architect: Touch Architect
Location: Thailand

Exterior Area:

The form of the extension took the shape of a cove, after which the project was named. The form development mimicked the small, curved, and triangle site shape, which connects to a public street, on both sides.

To maximise the site usage, a cove-like built form was designed.

The house’s framework is made from steel, to reduce the depth of beams, and column sizes, therefore creating more interior space.

Since the house is situated on a corner plot, a facade cover has been created with a vertical aluminium trellis wall and perforated metal. This element continues to the existing house, therefore creating harmony between both structures.

Interior Area:

The two-story extension house beautifully coalesces all the functions that were imminent for its residents: an activity space to bridge the gap between the existing house and an outdoor terrace, an accessible bedroom on the ground floor for the grandmother, the master suite on the first floor, and finally, a family living room on the topmost floor. 

Since the new extension took the place of the garden, green spaces were incorporated on the top floor that forms a connection between the multifunctional living room, while retaining the house’s green pockets.

This approach by Touch Architects facilitates optimum use of the site, as it ensures that the indoor spaces are spacious, and nature is still incorporated in a subtle manner.

In the living room, a large window brings in light and establishes a visual connection with the plants outside. 

The theme here is kept simple, as clutter-free spaces create a light and airy ambiance. A textured wall demarcates the space for the TV unit and sleek white cabinet units, with a wooden countertop form a small, but efficient kitchen. 

The master bedroom features a platform bed, and the spacious room is lit by recessed lighting, at night. The material palette is wood paneling on an exposed concrete wall. 

The children’s room is more informal, with stark white interiors, paired with light wood. It also has an interesting bookcase and an alcove bed.

The most notable elements of the house are its two staircases, which are placed in different corners to maximise the space available for circulation.

One of the staircases extends right up to the third floor, from the first, and the double-height space created fills the ground floor with light, instead of typical vertical voids where privacy is absent.

With its green pockets, well-lit passages, and clean interiors, House COVE(R) makes the most out of a compact site, and shows that refurbishment is possible, without destroying existing elements.

All images are taken from Touch Architect unless otherwise stated.

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