How to Decorate a Small Living Room for Christmas

by Nicholas Chew

Christmas holidays are just a few months away. Everyone from kids to adults awaits this festive season for various reasons. Kids love this celebration mainly for the gifts by Santa Claus, while adults adore spending hours decorating their house, especially the most important holiday tradition of the Christmas tree. The lights, candy canes, and other ornaments are the tree’s essence, while people also creatively decorate the rooms in their houses based on the green and red theme.

Every space from the bedroom to the living room glows, regardless of size. Stop worrying about getting creative with Christmas decorations if your living room has a smaller space. With creative decoration and smart space usage, you can get your small living room ready for Christmas in no time.

Following our five tips, you can convert your small living room into a uniquely decorated area to impress the guests and enjoy Christmas vibes indoors.

5 Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room for Christmas 

1. Create a Relaxed Environment

The festive season means a lot of family members and friends will be stopping by your house to send greetings. The first step to decorating your living room for Christmas is to avoid packing it with extra accessories. Lack of space can make your guests feel uneasy.

You can choose to fill in the room with several Christmas-themed cushions and blankets to add to the comfort. With this approach, your room would give festive vibes while staying comfy enough to spend lazy hours with your loved ones. Also, don’t opt for colors too bright for the eyes. Instead, go for sofa covers with a minimum design that perfectly reflects the green and red theme.

2. Get Some Greenery Inside

Although we don’t see much greenery outdoors during winter, you can always get creative with whatever is available. If not natural, artificial flowers can also do a good job. This step is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere in your house as Christmas approaches. The ideal aspect of using outdoor greenery or artificial flowers in your living room is that you can prepare it in advance.

It’s time to avoid last-minute decorating issues by bringing natural beauty home. We enlist a few gorgeous Christmas-themed flowers to simplify things for you.

These blooms are exclusive to the festive season and can bring a wave of freshness to your living room.


It is an attractive blossom with large red flowers that can stay fresh for more than three weeks with proper care.


The ideal combo of vibrantly colored red and white flowers makes Azalea one of the top choices for Christmas floral decoration. It can last more than four weeks, another reason for its popularity as a pre-decorations choice for the festival.

Red roses

A bunch of fresh roses with some green and golden foliage can be the secret behind your top-notch living room decor for the big day. The color blend of this choice can complement the Christmas theme while providing a glowing ambiance to your room. Cut the roses’ stems at the bottom and store them in a water-filled vase to keep them fresh for longer.

An all-in-one Christmas bouquet

We present to you a better idea than using single flower types in your Christmas special bouquet. You can combine different blooms and foliage, including pine cones and eucalyptus, along with the flowers mentioned above to get an evergreen set ready to enhance the living room’s beauty. The ideal space to place such a bouquet is the side or coffee table.

3. Add Bright Lights

Don’t limit the fireplace as your living room’s only beautiful lighting source. Instead, you can install classic Christmas lights to double-fold the festive spirit. The best you can do in such a situation is to purchase budget-friendly string lights.

Having red lights around you is linked to relaxation and can also set your mood right. At the same time, you can also impress your guests with a unique decorative approach. The ideal time to make your room glow green and red is after Thanksgiving celebrations. However, it’s not necessary as you can also set the mood for holidays right after Halloween.

How to Decorate a Living Room With String Lights?

You can experiment with plenty of ways while installing the two-colored lights, preferably red and green, in your living room. Here are a few ideas that can work perfectly to give your living room the exciting festive touch you desire.

  • You can hang lights behind the seater in your living room. Dropping from the ceiling to wrapping them around on the sofa arms can be an excellent idea.
  • You can also create a vibrant atmosphere up there on the ceiling using clips to hold the string lights. Whether you place them randomly or keep a precise zig-zag design it’s on your preference. However, this approach can singlehandedly fill your room with Christmas vibes.
  • Don’t miss out on the room’s window frame. The real essence would be lost if you decorated the entire room with lights but missed this place. Lightening the windows can fill all the remaining gaps.

Types of decorative lights

While string lights are pretty popular, you can also find various other options to show the highest level of festive spirit through decorations.

Led Lights

You can either buy a strip of sticking LED lights or go for the classic light bulbs. Their ultimate glow adds to the liveliness in your room.

Laser lights

You can opt for the red and green laser lights that are pretty easy to install, while a few bulbs can glow the entire room beautifully.

Tree topper lights

How can we forget about decorating the Christmas tree with lights? Get a multicolored light string and wrap it around the tree most amazingly. Your kids are going to adore this setup. You can also use these lights on stair railings or other areas indoors if there’s no Christmas tree.

4. Get Creative With The Fireplace

A fireplace is one of the most important aspects of a living room where the family gathers to spend some quality time. Its presence reflects the warmth and peace everyone desires to attain during the Christmas celebrations. You can also bring out your inner artist by decorating this space to make your living room give off perfect festive vibes.

For kids, it’s the place from where their favorite Santa Claus enters the house to fulfill their wishes. Hence, missing out on this valuable space while decorating for Christmas wouldn’t prove as a good idea. We have gathered some ideas to help you get innovative with fireplace decor this season.

Decorating a non-working fireplace creatively

A non-working fireplace offers more decorative opportunities. You can apply the following ideas to play the best with different items around a fireplace that looks empty otherwise.

  • Filling the inside space with wood logs can go well with your living room’s natural decor. This idea provides an elegant yet classic appearance to the fireplace.
  • You can also utilize the firebox space to set up the nativity crib. You can buy the pre-made set from the market to fulfill this concept. However, always check the characters’ size, which should be a few inches shorter than the fireplace’s interior’s height.
  • A few lit-up candles inside the empty fireplace can also look good. You can also align them with the color theme of green and red. However, it’s important to put up a fire screen following the placement of burning candles to prevent any fire hazard indoors. It becomes necessary when you have small kids or pets around the house.
  • You can get some outdoor plants and place them inside the fireplace, especially when your living room is small to have a Christmas tree. A few bunches of roses or other red flowers can significantly complement the festive mood.

5. Hang a Homemade Garland

A beautiful garland can give a final classic touch to ready your Christmas living room. You can hang it in several spaces, from across the curtains to over the fireplace. You can also use it to decorate the coffee table by wrapping it around its legs.

Avoid using tapes to stick garlands as they can damage the furniture or wall’s texture. You can find glue hooks in the market that work as a safe replacement to stick the floral arrangement.

Now the question arises about whether you can create a garland at home. Yes, you can! It’s easy and fun, and you can also involve your kids in teaching them the art while spending some quality time together.

Wrapping Up

Everyone deserves to enjoy the festive season with the utmost spirit. Don’t worry if you have a small living room; our top-notch ideas to decorate it can bring joy to your little space. You can get creative with multiple ideas to bring the festive mood to your house.

Following the above ideas on how to decorate a small living room for Christmas can help impress the guests with your unique decorative approach.

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