Sleek, Modern House In Tokyo With Dog-Friendly Stairs and Minimalist Interiors

by HDM Editor Team

Located at the Tokyo neighbourhood of Koganei, Midoricho, this house looks aesthetically pleasing with its grey facade and dark wood colour combination.  It gives out sleek yet sophisticated vibe from the exterior, which stands proud and tall in the neighbourhood.

Architect / Designer: Sakuma Studio
Location: Japan

Exterior Area:

Interior Area:

Upon entering the house, the contrast is highly visible with white, minimalist interiors coupled with wooden furnishings and cabinets. Signature Japanese MUJI style interiors can be found all over the house which promotes minimalism, cleanliness and warm earthy colour tones.

One of the focal point of this house is the doggo stairs which features pet-friendly stairs for the owner’s dogs. The dogs can be seen moving up and down between floors with ease with this amazing feature.

The study place is a built with wooden furnishings with tatami seat in place. The view outside the window is breathtaking as green plants can be seen while providing the zen like feeling.

Everything from exteriors to interiors are well thought-of and well designed accordingly to its occupants and their pets. Although the facade is uncommon to see in most Japanese house, the interiors literally embed the Japanese culture and their zen style living into it.

All images are taken from Sakuma Studio unless otherwise stated.

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