5 Small Budget Renovation Ideas Worth Trying

by Ralf

With the recent GST implemented in Malaysia on April, many people were heavily affected by the growing cost to decorate their home. Many people have ditched the ideas of hiring interior designers as they usually charge a hefty sum of money to design and decorate their apartments. We at HomeDecoMalaysia.com believed that you can reduce these costs by researching some simple, small budget renovation ideas which can bring major makeover affect to your home 🙂

Here’s 5 small budget renovation ideas which we think that will benefit you if you are willing to experiment on your home:

1. Wall Paint

I believe that getting the colour correct should be the top priority list in your home renovation. The basic interior of your home should consist of wall paint that suits your taste and personality. There are tonnes of different paints, not only varying in color, but also textures and consistencies. There are also different paints for different materials too, so there is specific paint for wood, metal, interior walls, etc. If you need a little more insight into different kinds of paint, you might find visiting Chemicalwiki.com useful. You may also find a suitable paint for your home renovation whilst you’re there. The overall cost to do this should be minimal if you are planning to do it yourself.

You can too hire contractors or workers to help you out at a per hour basis. If you want to further reduce the costing, you can always hire your friends and families to help out on this.

And if you are looking for a professional touch on your wall paint, you can always try different paint method such as Texture Paint. Paint companies usually provide step-by-step manual if you are doing it yourself and it is very easy to apply it on your wall, if you do it correctly


2. Lighting

As I mentioned dozen of times in HomeDecoMalaysia, Lighting is the second most important aspect in your renovation ideas. You would need to mix and match on what kind of lighting you preferred having in your apartment. Here’s some ideas to help you kick-start:

You can go for any lighting shop to seek advice from the masters there, purchase them and you can then hire workers/contractors to help you install them in your home. Therefore, further reducing your cost while getting the job done.

3. Kitchen Cabinet and Island

An awesome kitchen wouldn’t be complete without kitchen cabinets and a cool kitchen island. Proper planning will be needed to ensure your cooking flow won’t be interrupted.

The design of your kitchen will incurred the most expensive cost among the rest of the ideas here since the contractor would need to tailor-made your kitchen cabinets and kitchen island according to your apartment floor plan. The cost can be lower if you ask friends and family members to recommend the best contractors around your area. Researching through forums will help you to understand more on what to expect.

4. Plaster Ceiling

In order to create a better ceiling view of your room, you can consider engaging contractors to design customise plaster ceiling for your home. Combined with proper lighting, it gives the room a complete makeover while providing modernistic feel onto it.

5. Partition

To create extra room space for your house, you should consider create partitions to divide your room space into effective usage. These partitions can be temporary or permanent depending on your planning for your home.

Feel free to drop us a comment on what do you think about this articles. Or perhaps you have some fantastic ideas that you can share here.

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