Stunning Thong House is Inspired By Nature & Provides a Wonderful Escape From the Urban Jungle

by Candyse

In a row of similarly built houses, Thong House by Nishizawa Architects in southern Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam stands out beautifully as the architects who designed the residence decided to get rid of the common town house look.

Nishizawa Architects took charge of this project and the client wanted a house that was filled with natural elements and also ensures that each other family member would be able to communicate.

Project: Thong House
Architect: Nishizawa Architects
Location: Vietnam

Exterior Area:

Interior Area:

The architects played around with geometrical shapes and hence, the house looks like a cool composition of cubes that consists of the private rooms. The spaces created under these cubes are the public areas but they all connect seamlessly together so that the spaces flow naturally. As you enter the main entrance, a narrow passageway leads you to the living space until the back of the house.

From here, you can see the backyard garden while the living area and dining space expands vertically. Upstairs, you can see the library, space for the guests and a space for the children too.

Indeed, this house is never lacking in facilities as there is also a rooftop garden that is on the uppermost floor; where the residents, a nuclear family, can enjoy the view when they feel like it. The staircase is clearly the backbone of the house which connects the whole abode and makes it accessible.

As per the client’s request, he wanted natural elements in his house so from the southern side; there are large openings where the residents can enjoy the picturesque scenery outside.

Lots of wooden louvers are used to absorb some of the heat from the sun; before gently warming the inside of the house. It also makes the house feel less closed off; and other natural materials such as wood and stone are used in the house’s decor as well.

Interestingly, the designers decided to have intricate leaf patterns on the wooden panels; and during the day, this makes quirky shadows in the house for a striking look. The furniture and fixtures are simple but still looks classy, which is perfect for the house.

All images are taken from Nishizawa Architects’ website unless otherwise stated.

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