10 Ingenious Ways to Use Silver in Your Home Decor

by Candyse

Silver is a stunning and classic colour that is bound to make a home look elegant no matter how you use it. It is super versatile and can be paired with almost any colour scheme. Get inspired with these gorgeous designs that will make your home shine with style.

1. Beautiful Breakfast Table

Create a chic breakfast nook with this shiny table that is bound to make an outstanding piece in your home. The nuetral colour palette of the rest of the decor matches perfectly well with the eye-catching table.


2. Sleek Light Fixture

Adorn your home with this modern light fixture that is bound to elevate the classiness factor of your home in an instant. Pair it with this delicately patterned wallpaper to create a contrast that is super fashionable.


3. Silver Chair and Side Table

If you want to transform your living room then putting a few accent pieces in a gorgeous silver colour is a surefire way to do so. This room incorporates a gleaming silver chair with leather furnishing while the matching side table is a perfect place to place your essentials right nearby.


4. Silver Free-Standing Lamp

For a tasteful look in your home that your guests are bound to admire, place a few free-standing lamps around your living room in a classy silver colour. This creates a perfectly put together look that will wow your guests.


5. Silver End Table

Create a fresh new look in your living room by adding an end table in a shiny silver colour in your home. This will bring a refreshing breath of air into your home and makes it more interesting.


6. Silver Sunburst Mirror

Brighten up a dark and dreary space with this quirky sunburst mirror that is bound to draw attention. In addition, the three silver jars placed artfully on a nearby table complements the style.


7. Silver Accent Bedroom

In this cosy bedroom, silver is used for the accent pieces to bring out the elegant side of the room. The sleek lamps and bed table with a mirrored table is just the right pieces to make it look more glamorous.


8. Contemporary Silver Tub

This beautifully modern bathroom is made even more futuristic with the addition of the gleaming silver bathtub that is comfortably sized for a nice, relaxing soak. The rest of the neutral coloured decor completed the bathroom’s contemporary style.


9. Silver Globe Lights

These exquisite silver lights make a grand centerpiece for your ceiling and draws the attention right at the dining table. As the size can be sightly imposing, make sure that your space is airy enough to handle these polished lights.


10. Silver Mosaic Tiles

Make your bathroom feel even more luxurious and opulent with these sparkly silver tiles that instantly glam up the place. Keep the rest of your bathroom simple as you don’t want it to look gaudy and let these stunning tiles take centerstage.


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