7 Lovely And Ingenious Indoor Spaces For Your Pets!

by Adeline

Pets are a part of the family too so it just makes sense to create a nice room or space for them at home. Do away with the metal crates and get something stylish and homey for your furkids! Here are several ways pet owners have made a room or a house for their loved ones.

1. Build a minimalist indoor doghouse

The minimalist house can be used for both dogs and kids (just not at the same time!). Just put in a soft mattress and your pet’s favourite blanket and it’s ready. There will be enough space for the toys and if you build it big enough, you can lounge with your pet too.

2. Build into a wall

If there are any odd angles or empty spaces that can fit your dog comfortably, you can try making it into a kernel. It’ll be like the pet has its own bedroom in the house too! How lovely!

3. Under a counter

To make this work, you just need to replace the cabinet doors with proper mesh wiring and make that space into a room for the pets. Whether it’s in the laundry room or the kitchen, it can be made cosy by padding the ground with a soft blanket or cushion. You could even make it a bit special for them, and create personalized photo blanket with a picture of your family on!

4. Under the stairs

If the bottom of the stairs isn’t used for anything, ‘seal’ it up by making it into a room for the dog. The bottom of the stairs can be a hazard (knocking heads when you reach for things underneath) so making it into a pet’s room not only put the empty space to good use but for protection.

5. Under benches

Empty spaces under the bench is also another nifty way to utilize all the empty spaces at home. Just remember to replace the doors with mesh so the pets can breathe. If not, leaving it open is fine too.

6. Under tables

Whether it’s under the side table, bedside table or the TV table, it can work if there’s enough space. It keeps your dog close to you while you lounge in the living room or the bedroom. Depending on your pet’s preferences, you may not need to purchase a special set to make it into a dog kernel. If they are already lounging below the tables, just help them get comfortable with soft blankets and a pillow. You could also throw some of their favourite toys in there, if you don’t have any for your four legged friend then you can find pet toy deals online.

7. Under cupboard storage

There is already ample space in cupboard drawers so if it’s not used to keep anything, transform it into a nook for your pets to rest! They get to spread out and stretch comfortably or just watch from inside the nook.
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