10 Unique Platform Beds Ideas To Beautify Your Bedroom

by Meor

Typically very simple, platform beds are considered no-nonsense and frills-free. But there are many fun and unique platform bed designs out there.

1. Minimalist Metal Frame

When you want no-frills, you can’t go wrong with this very minimalist but attractive black and white combination.


2. Wooden Platform with Drawers

Storage space is always welcome. Store yourself on a beautiful platform bed at night, while also storing your clothes (or bedtime snacks?) in these very convenient drawers.


3. Bookcase in the Headboard

Just having drawers is not enough for you? Here’s something for the bookworm: a convenient bookcase in the headboard, if you like a little light reading before sleep.


4. Pull Up Bedframe

A great alternative to having drawers, a pull up bedframe allows you to fold the mattress up and reveal a huge amount of storage space below. Convenient, and safe from curious eyes.


5. Black with Upholstered Headboard

Bring some extra classiness to the bedroom with a leather upholstered headboard, and curved legs for a unique silhouette.


6. Vintage Canopy Bed

Go the vintage route with this antique-looking canopy-style bed. You will wake up feeling like a million Ringgit.


7. Bare Wood Platform with Light Stands

If you’re handy with tools (or you know someone who is), you can easily DIY this bare wood platform bed using wooden planks. Add a couple of stands at the sides for your night lamps.


8. Floating Platform Bed

You’ll need to hire a magician for this one. Just kidding! This bed looks like it’s floating but it’s actually held up by a pillar in the middle. Makes a great first impression though.


9. How Low Can You Go? Pretty Low

There’s something very comforting about the low platform bed. Popular especially in Japan, it exudes a humility and relaxing vibe that is very satisfying.


10. Funky Curved Bed

Stylish upholstery paired with curved bedframe design…who wouldn’t fall in love with that?


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