6 Stylish and Trendy Ways Neon Signs Can Light Up Your Home Decor

by Candyse

You are sorely mistaken into thinking that neon signs can only be used for the outdoors or in a shop. They are actually great ways to brighten up your home decor in a trendy way and inject a little fun while doing so. Here are some awesome ways you can use neon signs in your home.

1. Feature Wall

If you have a feature wall at home then one easy way to make it look totally special is by putting a neon sign on it. It can be anything such as a catchy phrase or a life motto and one way to make it look even more outstanding is to keep the wall plain.


2. Subtle Lights

Not all neon lights are bold and in-your-face as many of them can be soft and muted to add a touch of interest in your home. This dainty sign becomes the focal point of the room and makes it look suitably trendy.


3. Bright Point

You will be surprised at the number of possibilities to place your neon signs in your home as it almost seems like it’s suitable for any nook or cranny that needs to brighten up. It looks even better when you pair it with a dark wall colour.


4. Modern Touch

Having a neutrally coloured living room in your home will make a nice background to offset some bold neon signs for an interesting look. Keep the rest of your decor simple so that it doesn’t overpower the neon sign.


5. Elegant Sign

Neon signs are often mistaken to be very vivid and colourful but they actually come in many shapes, sizes and colours. This white on white pairing is a genius idea that allows the neon sign to blend in and stand out at the same time.


6. Bold and Beautiful

This is where the most well known characteristics of a neon sign shines through as takes center stage in this room. The wacky and fun decor in the room keeps the style cool and complements the quirky vibe.


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