Old & Long Terrace House in PJ is Transformed Into a Minimalist, Beautiful Home with Inner Courtyard

by Candyse

An old terrace house located in a residential settlement in Petaling Jaya is given an awesome transformation by an architect couple, making it a beautiful home that is the envy of everyone. The house measures 22ft x 120ft and is known as House 8. The owners, Oscar Tan and Cheryl Quan are both architects who own OTCQ Studio decided to makeover their own house.

Interior Layout:

Originally, the house already has an existing courtyard with a skylight, which helps a lot by allowing natural light and air into the home. Various types of plants and trees were also added to the home to give it a very tropical feel. In addition, this greenery provides ample shade for the East-West facing elevations, keeping the house cool in Malaysia’s tropical weather.

A concrete extension is added to the home, which serves as a home office for the couple. It has large glass sliding doors that connect to the outside while quirky windows add some fun to the space.  Since the house is so long, the couple decided to have several areas for them to relax. There’s a relaxation area that faces the courtyard with a double volume height to allow more circulation.


A thin hanging metal staircase leads the way upstairs to the private rooms upstairs. The bedroom has a balcony that faces the main street. The interior decor of the house follows a rather industrial style as there are lots of exposed bricks used for the walls and also the outdoor flooring. Concrete also plays a large part in the decor but the wooden elements in the home help to soften the look, making the home look warm and welcoming.

All images are taken from OTCQ Design Studio unless otherwise stated.
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