8 Inspiring Asian Style Decor Design Recommend By Pros

by Candyse

Asia is one of the biggest continents in the world and encompasses so many different countries in that one continent. Maybe you would like to decorate it like the Chinese do, or the Japanese or even love the bright colours often associated with Indian culture. Whichever one you like, you are sure to get inspired by these designs below.

1. Oriental Bedroom

The Chinese love their colours too, which can be seen during any festive season where they don red or gold as they believe it is an auspicious colour. Thus, when going for a Chinese inspired style, don’t forget to incorporate these elements in your home.


2. Japanese Garden

The Japanese love their gardens, which are often an oasis of calm and serenity. If you have an outdoor space big enough, you can create a miniature garden mimicking the style of Japanese gardens, complete with hanging paper lanterns and tatami mats.


3. Natural Elements

Asian designs often call for the inclusion of natural elements such as flowering plants, bamboo, bonsais, orchids and cherry blossoms. Adding such motifs or even actual plants into your home can make it look much more Asian.


4. Water Feature

Asians believe in the art of Feng Shui, and having a water feature in your home is auspicious.In addition, the water feature brings an element of fluidity and brings positive energy to the room. To make the water feature even more of a focal point, add some Asian statues and paper umbrellas surrounding it for maximum effect.


5. Japanese Bedroom

There are a few important elements to include if you want your room to really look like a Japanese bedroom. Include details such as silk screens, wooden features, bamboo and the quintessential tatami mat to make it more Japanese.


6. Harmonious Bathroom

Asian design emphasises heavily on incorporating balance into their homes, which is why you wouldn’t find just one texture in their homes. You have to include a range of materials such as stone, concrete, glass, wood and lots of natural light to create the perfect balance between these textures.


7. Exotic Indian Bedroom

Indians are known for their love of rich colours and textures, so adding vivid patterns and striking designs is one of the best ways to do it. Get some intricately patterned bedspread shot through with gold patterns, throw pillows with quirky designs and it will instantly transform your space without looking too busy.


8. Asian Living Room

Asians have a penchant for wooden sofas in the living room and they are often a handsome teak or mahogany colour, which makes it look more opulent. These are often coupled together with some eye-catching vases as decoration and exotic looking lamps.


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