9 Awesome Shower Curtain Designs to Keep Your Bathroom Looking Good

by Candyse

Shower curtains are versatile, stylish and can make your bathroom look so much more attractive so why aren’t we using more of it? Not only are they functional in keeping your bathroom floor clean and dry, they can make a great decor as well. Of course, some people might find shower curtains a little scary to handle when it comes to cleaning them, but luckily there are sites online that can help when it comes to cleaning grimy shower curtains, so that shouldn’t hold you back from getting a stylish curtain for your bathroom. Without further ado though, here are some awesome shower curtain designs to get you started.

1. Ruffled Shower Curtain

If you have a pretty and feminine bathroom then this is a great idea because the lovely ruffles make it look even more gorgeous. It doesn’t have to white, you can choose any colour you want to match your bathroom style.


2. Vividly Coloured Shower Curtain

Add a pop of colour into a boring bathroom with a shower curtain that is bound to brighten up the space. It is so cheery and warm that you may never want to stop showering.


3. Modern Shower Curtain

A neat and modern little bathroom can be spiced up with a few choice accessories and this bathroom displays some interesting focal points. One of them is the grey and white patterned shower curtain that complements the bright yellow furniture perfectly.


4. Colourful Shower Curtain

We already know that bright colours do much in perking up a space and this colourful shower curtain is no exception. Hung in an all-white bathroom, it becomes the focal point of the room and makes it look more inviting.


5. Quirky Shower Curtain

White shower curtains will never go out of style and suits everything in the bathroom but where’s the fun in that? Get this cool shower curtain printed with a quirky looking image that looks both mysterious and beautiful at the same time to keep things interesting.


6. Striped Shower Curtain

Stripes are a classic, timeless pattern that can be used in almost any element of the house and this holds true for shower curtains as well. This striped shower curtain comes in many different colour combinations but we feel that this navy stripes give it a rather nautical air which looks great in the bathroom.


7. Bird Motif Shower Curtain

Inject a little fun into your bathroom with this cute bird motif shower curtain that is both feminine and modern enough to cheer up the place. You can even hunt around for similarly themed accessories to complete the look.


8. Geometric Patterned Shower Curtain

This dynamic shower curtain is perfect for masculine bathrooms but can go really well with other designs too, thanks to its neutral colours and interesting design. It certainly makes a style statement in your bathroom that captures anyone’s attention.


9. Dramatic Chevron Shower Curtain

This spacious bathroom looks slightly bland; until you add that dramatic shower curtain covered in a dark coloured chevron pattern that looks calming but eye-catching. Now you can finally shower in style!


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