9 Awesome Ways to Save More Space in Your Wardrobe Which You Can’t Ignore

by Candyse

Sometimes it seems like our wardrobe cabinet may just burst due to our shopaholic habits as we stuff more and more apparels in its depths. But then we have to work with limited space as not all of us are blessed enough to have a super spacious wardrobe. Even if you do, these clever methods to save space in your wardrobe cabinet definitely won’t go amiss!

1. Use Shelf Dividers

Shelves are great ways to fully utilise any vertical space you have in the wardrobe and you can stack your clothes when the rod runs out of space. But sometimes these stacks can get messy and there’s where shelf dividers to keep your clothes neat come in. An organised wardrobe cabinet allows you to store so much more things.


2. Make Sure Everything has Its Place

Whenever you buy something, ensure that your closet has space for it or you are planning to throw something out to make space for it. Always make sure that every item of clothing in your wardrobe has its place by fully utilising every inch of available space.


3. Install a Corner Carousel

Space is precious in our homes and even dead space like awkward corners can be utilised to store things. Just install a carousel in the corner and you’ll be surprised by how much clothes it can store, thereby making more room in your wardrobe.


4. Use Inner Door Space

Remember, no space should be left empty, not even the space behind your door! Save space in your wardrobe by installing several hooks or over-the-door racks and making full use of all that space that is suddenly available.


5. Buy a Storage Bed

Did you know that even the bed can be used as storage so that you can save even more space in your wardrobe? It is the perfect place to store items that you rarely use such as winter clothing and bedding.


6. Add an Extra Rod

Sometimes you might have a very tall closet but your clothes aren’t that long that you need so much height. In this situation, it’s best to install an extra rod so you instantly have double the space in your wardrobe.


7. Declutter Regularly

One of the most effective ways to save space in your closet is to always have regular decluttering sessions. This is because it allows you throw away items that you don’t use anymore which frees up space for new items.


8. Hang Storage Containers

Vertical space is the name of the game and storage containers that can be hanged are a virtual godsend. The many shelves that these containers have can be used to store many different items together, hence saving space for you easily.


9. Get Decorative Items to Double as Storage

To save even more space in your wardrobe, a creative way to do so is to by installing decor that allows you to store items on it that can look awesome even when on display. But of course, always remember to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy.


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