Cosy Tropical Home Adorned in Plants & a Tiny Koi Pond Exudes a Relaxing Vibe | Q House By Q Concept

by Candyse

In a little suburb in Da Nang, Vietnam, Q House by Q Concept is built on 100 square metres of land. The house was designed to be a tropical residence that can suit the Mid-Vietnam weather conditions. They went with a simple shape for the rooms and spaces that can fulfil the owner’s needs.

Exterior Area: (Q House by Q Concept)

They also made sure that Q House would be well-ventilated with lots of light, as this is a common problem with many houses in Vietnam. Due to this, Q House was designed to have a large front garden, which will do double duty as a car park as well. It serves as an infusion of nature to the house and injects the necessary light and air for the home.

In the car park cum garden, you can see that the owners really love nature as they requested the roof of this to be covered in plants, which not only looks beautiful but gives a very relaxed vibe. There is even a tiny swing where the inhabitants can chill on the porch and makes it the perfect place to do a spot of daydreaming.

Interior Area:

This is essential because, in Q House, plants play a very important role to create a relaxing space inside a tiny house. There are lots of greenery in and outside the house which creates a very warm and lively environment. A small koi pond adds to the natural feel of the home which is surrounded by potted plants.

Turn any corner in the house and you can find verdant greenery everywhere, in this bright airy space, even on the balconies. Coupled with the combination of local materials such as wood and glass along with a neutral white palette in most of the house decor, you can be sure that this is a perfect house for a newlywed couple to start their family.

All images taken Q Concept Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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