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It’s probably the dream of many people to be able to live in amidst nature and wake up to gorgeous greenery every day. This was the inspiration of the family who built the Villa Jungalow that’s located in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. In a piece of 6,000 square feet of land; they built a 1,600 square feet bungalow complete with a swimming pool. The land was bought in 2016 but was completed in 2019; and it was all done by the couple themselves, without any help from interior designers.


Yet, you could be fooled into thinking that it’s professionally done as the facade and the interiors are so warm and welcoming. Inspired by social media and research on houses in other countries, the couple went with a Scandinavian, simple and minimalist vibe. Plus, with the beautiful greenery surrounding them, the house is a heavenly sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The couple went with the idea of creating something simple yet spacious.

Interior Area:

Although the house looks really roomy from photos, the owners said that it is actually not that big. They managed to make the house look more spacious due to their clever strategy of allowing in light and circulation through their huge sliding doors and windows; and keeping to a design theme of white and neutral colours. They meshed modern and antique furniture together to create their own style and it works really well.

The home looks like a tropical resort thanks to the cement floor; that is carefully protected by paint and the quirkily-patterned tiles in the bathrooms. Potted plants are found in abundance in the home as the owners’ way of bringing nature inside for a lively atmosphere. The swimming pool was accidentally created when the couple discovered that the land in that area was uneven; and they needed to pay more to make it smooth. Hence, a relaxing space for the family to chill on weekends and lazy days was created.

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