Small, Airy House Has Tiny Courtyard with Towering Tree Located Inside The Home | Long Thanh House by QPS House

by Candyse

Contrary to popular belief, small houses can be beautiful and stylish too. Plus, if you have the right design team, then you can be sure that you have an airy and bright home as well. This small house located in Vietnam is known as Long Thanh House by QPS House. It’s rather unassuming from the outside but you’ll be in for a surprise when you step in because it’s actually very spacious and cool inside.

Exterior Area: (Long Thanh House by QPS House)

The gate is different from those you normally see as it has a barrier at the top, almost like a height limit which adds to its quirkiness. The gate is made of wooden slats and metal rods, giving it a rather distinctive appearance as well. Looking at the facade; you can see that the master bedroom has similar wooden slats that can be opened or closed based on preference. The porch is lined with plants and paved with tiles, which leads you to the front entrance; which is glass sliding doors.

Interior Area:

Inside the house, there is a beautiful little courtyard to bring nature into the home; and the cosy living room, dining area and kitchen are open plan. This helps facilitate communication and flow of the home. There are actually two dining tables near the kitchen and is perfect to accommodate more guests. Next to one of the dining tables, there is a living tree transplanted in the home; giving it a nice focal point.

Moving on up, there is another little communal study area if you want to escape from the more public areas down below for some privacy. From here, one of the bedrooms has a lovely view of the growing tree. Overall, the house uses neutral colours with pops of muted shades thrown in for some visual interest. Wooden furniture against a white background also creates a lovely and warm atmosphere.

All images are taken from QPS House unless otherwise stated.

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