20 Lovely Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Apartment

by HDM Editor Team

Having a small apartment means having a small bathroom. However this shouldn’t be the main factor stopping you from having the perfect functional bathroom ideas which you and your family members can enjoy.

The key ingredients to plan your small bathroom is to integrate 3 major components of bathroom activities (washing area, personal hygiene, and the shower area) into one smooth flow.

Here’s 20 Lovely Small Bathroom Ideas for you which we think could help out in planning for one:

1. Brown and White Theme Small Bathroom Design
small bathroom design ideas

Having rain shower is a must in decorating your small bathroom as it saves a lot of space. The wall-mounted bench serves as the perfect spot for you to apply your shampoo and shower gel before rinsing it off.

2. Beautiful Granite Tiles for Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom decor ideas

Some people love having granite tiles into their bathroom as it projects an elegant yet beautiful radiance to your bathroom. Having a big mirror installed is a plus point as it creates the illusion of depth and space.

3. Black and White Design Small Bathroom

Black Tile Bathroom Ideas Wall Mirror Stunning Small Bathroom Design

My favourite colours: Black and White brings out the contrast between both colours. It provides a modern contemporary look and feel which is in trend for the next coming years.

4. Going Back to Basic, Simple Small Bathroom

small bath ideas, bathroom, small room

This bathroom perfectly illustrates the 3 major bathroom activities in sequence: Washing area (Basin), Personal Hygiene (Toilet Bowl) and Showing Area (Glass area with Rain Shower)

5. Open Design Small Bathroom

tropical small bathroom decor

If you don’t want to confine yourself in a small space while showering, you can try out the open concept for your bathroom by separating the areas with a wall.

6. Wood Theme Small Bathroom

wood wallpaper bathroom design

For natural lovers out there who love to be one with nature, this bathroom decoration is the way to go. By combining wood and white porcelain, it creates the perfect modern bathroom for your home.

7. Small Modern Bathroom with Nice Lighting

nice lighting small bathroomd design

What is more exciting than having the sunlight shining onto you while you are taking a shower?

8. Maximizing Your Layout within Your Small Bathroom

top view small bathroom design

This bathroom creates space by maximizing the usage of 4 corners within the room. Each corner represents a bathroom activity while minimizing clutter and wastage of space.

9. Proper Storage for Your Small Bathroom

utilities for small bathroom ideas

By having proper storage for your small bathroom, your bathroom will looked more tidier and cleaner with everything organised.

10. Installing Wall Panels for Small Bathroom Design

modern small bathroom ideas

Another idea to fully utilized the space in your bathroom is to install wall panels. Besides using it as decoration, you can also hang your towels onto it

11. Fully Functional Small Bathroom Design

small bathroom decor arrangement

By fully utilizing space within your bathroom, you can also install cabinets and built-in wall storage to store things.

12. Cool Stylish Small Bathroom Design

tiny bathroom ideas

This is so far my favourite design among all small bathroom decoration. Everything blends in so nicely to create the perfect synergy in this bathroom.

13. Minimalist Small Bathroom Decoration

tiny bathroom decor

Minimalist bathroom for house owners who want their bathroom to be as simple and tidy as possible.

14. Modern Contemporary Small Bathroom

small bathroom decoration

The bathroom is carefully planned and executed without creating additional place. Every decoration and design has its own purpose to complement each other in many ways.

15. Vintage Small Bathroom Design

small bathroom renovation ideas

Want to have a vintage small bathroom for your home?

16. Another Open Concept Small Bathroom Decoration

small bathroom decoration ideas

You can check this out if you are tired of having the same old glass panel for your showering area.

However the down part would be making your entire bathroom wet after you take a shower. You will need proper drainage system to direct the water flow to the sewers.

17. Bathtub for Your Small Bathroom

tiny bathroom decoration

Who can resist having a relaxing bathtub in their bathroom?

This can be done by proper planning and execution if you have additional space in your bathroom.

18. Corner Shower for Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom renovation

The best way to utilize the corner of your bathroom is to install a corner shower with round glass panel.

Combining it with a rain shower, you can always take a quick shower without hassle.

19. Smart Storage for Your Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas

Storage, storage and storage is the main component for designing your small bathroom.

By having this smart storage, your bathroom will looked much tidier and organized.

20. Hidden Bathtub Storage for Your Bathroom Design

small bathroom design

To further creating more space for your bathroom, you can try installing hidden storage under your bathtub.

Not a common sight, but it will definitely help in keeping your things out of plain sight.

Here’s our ideas in creating your perfect small bathroom. Please let us know at the comment below if you have anything ideas that you wish to share with our readers 😀

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