Tall, Elongated House Built on Small Piece Of Land Is Modern & Elegant | TROW House by DELUTION

by Candyse

Real estate is not cheap these days but don’t worry because even though you don’t have a lot of space, you can still create something awesome. TROW House by DELUTION is built on a piece of 5.5m2 but the designers managed to create a modern, beautiful home. The name of the house was derived from the shape of the house and stands for Triangle-Narrow. The house features a triangle top ceiling which is maximised for optimal air circulation.

House Layout: (TROW House by DELUTION)

The layout of the house is linear and elongated, with the house having several different levels to differentiate the function of each floor. The rooms still have connection as the difference in levels are not extreme. On the first floor, the layout is an open-plan concept to enable communication and are designed with voids with stairs, creating the impression of space.

The voids help as division zones as well with the first one dividing the bedrooms with the living room. The second void leads upstairs to the two children’s bedroom and the hallway that brings you the garden on the first floor. One of the most interesting features is the net suspended across one of the voids that make for a great relaxing area. Overall, the effect of the house is cosy yet modern and features a timeless white and wood theme.

Triangle-Narrow Roof:

The roof, which inspired the name for the home was requested by the owners as they wanted a conventionally shaped design. The architects came up with this idea but to make it more stylish and contemporary, a triangular geometric shape was used to make it look good and function to enhance the air circulation as well. This is because high ceilings have been known to make a home look brighter and feel cooler even though the house is limited by space constraints.

All images taken from DELUTION’s website unless otherwise stated.

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