5 Magical Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas To Have in Your Home

by Candyse
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We all know that having some greenery in your home is relaxing and can look really lovely but sometimes we just don’t have the space for it. This is where miniature gardens come in handy and we don’t mean just terrariums that are also worth looking at. Instead, you can try building a charming miniature garden that is bound to attract any fairy that comes across it.

1. Planter Box Fairy Garden

Create your fairytale with this enchanting miniature garden that is just begging to house a fairy or two when they manage to attract those elusive little creatures. A tiny birdhouse and some doll accessories will look really good in your fairy garden and turn it into a wonderful piece of decor.


2. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

You don’t need a very big space of container to house your enchanting fairy garden, sometimes a simple broken flower pot does the trick. Just add a couple of mossy steps and a cute little house in the pot and you will have your own piece of Fairyland at home.


3. Stone Fairy Garden

This is one of the most whimsical fairy gardens that you can create easily at home and all you need are some stones and a planter base. The super cute accessories make it feel like a little home that comes complete with a fish pond, fire pits and some cosy chairs.


4. Basket Fairy Garden

If you have a basket or two lying around then you can transform it into a beautiful garden fit for your fairies when they come visiting. Complete with a tiny pond and a mini tyre swing hanging from the handles, you can bet that once your fairy arrives, they would never want to eave this magical sanctuary you’ve created.


5. Teacup Fairy Garden

Not every thing that is broken needs to be thrown away, as can be seen from this adorable chipped teacup that have been magically transformed into a beautiful garden for your fairies. With a few succulents and some wooden sticks, you can make it into an enchanting decor that will enthrall even the most cynical fairy.


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