5 Minimalist Kitchen Organizers For A Stylish Kitchen In Malaysia

by Adeline

Keeping the kitchen organised is always important as you are doing mostly of the food prep and cooking for you and your family. If you’re bored with the usual kitchen organizers in Malaysia, check out these beautiful ones that are available online! The designs are kept simple and minimalist for a stylish look.

1. Magnetic rack

Magnetic racks help clear up some space on the kitchen counters and still keep things within reach. Good for items that are frequently used such as spices, salts and tiny sauce packets.

2. Magnetic multipurpose kitchen organizers rack

This amazing rack has a place for the kitchen towel, paper towel, hanging kitchen utensils and a rack for bottles! Killing FOUR birds with one stone!

3. A dish riser

A dish riser makes stacking plates and bowls neater. It also makes unloading the dishes easier. The best part is you’ll fully maximise the width and height of your cabinets for stacking.

4. Fruit tree with a banana hook

It’s a beautiful way to display the fruits on the table or kitchen counter. Hanging bananas over the hook prevent the fruit from getting bruised, thus keeping it fresh longer. No more excuses for not eating fruits when it’s already within reach!

5. Kitchen rack stand

If the magnetic options are out of the question, get this handy and beautiful kitchen rack stand to put the spices or bottle of oils in order. Keep it as simple as possible as the important aspect is maximise the available storage for your kitchen with minimal effort.

Although these small kitchen organizers might be overlooked by many, but we are ensure that by having them around, your life in the kitchen would be more organized and efficient. Feel free to head over to nearby home improvement stores and explore the possibilities of making your kitchen nicer and easy to use.