8 Types of Creative Backsplash To Decorate Your Beautiful Kitchen

by Candyse

Traditionally, the kitchen backsplash located at the back of your cooking hob and sink was more for functional purposes instead of aesthetic purposes. But now it has evolved into something different altogether, and can easily become the focal point of the kitchen. In fact, if you choose a creative backsplash, it could even look just as good as wall art.

1. Sculpted Limestone

While the traditional backsplash uses tiles as their go-to material, you can break away from the norm by creating some interesting patterns with this limestone that is sculpted with a wave-like pattern. The sand colour of the stone matches perfectly with the rest of the kitchen.


2. Translucent Stone

Create a sleek and dramatic, creative backsplash with the use of this stone material that is paired with a dark background. This makes the colours of the stone really pop and complements the rest of your kitchen stylishly.


3. Colourful Glass Tiles

Add character to a normal tiled backsplash by choosing to use some brightly coloured tiles to make it look more striking. The natural flow and variety of colours need to be balanced well to complement the rest of the kitchen’s decor.


4. Wallpaper and Stone

If you really want to make a statement then you should consider getting a gorgeous wallpaper in your kitchen that covers the walls. Add a stone backsplash right at the cooking hob to preserve the beauty of your wallpaper and make it look more outstanding. Make sure your wallpaper is vinyl-coated to protect it from wear and tear.


5. Ridged Stainless Steel

At first glance, nobody is able to guess that the backsplash is made of stainless steel but after careful inspection, they will find that the ridged cobblestone makes an exciting choice for the kitchen. Not only is it durable but is extremely versatile.


6. Copper Tiles

To keep with the rest of the kitchen’s warm and earthy tones, glass tiles backed with copper are installed as the backsplash of this inviting kitchen. The sleek patterns of the tiles also give it a lovely and charming effect.


7. Fabric

You can easily turn a piece of fabric into your kitchen backsplash by choosing a pattern that you fancy and sandwiching it between glass panels. The possibilities are endless and you will be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind backsplash.


8. Dazzling Tiles

Who says a conventional tiled backsplash has to be boring? With the addition of a dramatic pattern and some choice colours that are eye-catching, nobody will dare to say that your kitchen is plain anymore. In fact, they will probably be dumbstruck by the beauty of your kitchen.


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