Apartment Unit Is Transformed Into a Tropical Paradise With Tasteful Greenery Inside & Outside The House | The Vista by QBI Corp

by Candyse

The Vista by QBI Corp is a beautiful luxurious apartment unit that is done up like a tropical resort resplendent with greenery. It is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is the perfect home as it feels like a vacation every day in here. It is a very spacious and airy home that can easily accommodate a big and growing family with ease. The name is fitting, as the house itself offers a wonderful view inside and has a very relaxing atmosphere.

Exterior Area: (The Vista by QBI Corp)

At the exterior, there is a verdant forest of greenery which helps keep the air cool in tropical climates like Vietnam; and several sunny spots where you can enjoy some sunbathing if you wish. There’s an option for al fresco dining if you want to feast your eyes on more greenery; while enjoying your meal and next to that, a lovely little pond ensures that you will have a peaceful atmosphere.

Interior Area:

Inside the house, the living room is airy and spacious; thanks to the double-height windows that allow the owners to enjoy the beautiful view. The living room, dining area and kitchen are open plan so the space looks much bigger. A stunningly elegant winding staircase leads you up to another floor; where you can also enjoy the view from the second living area there. Next to it, you can find a glassed-in study or work area which is connected to the bedroom; and perfect when you need some solitude.

The bedrooms are done with very little fuss; and everything centres around the tropical theme with lots of wood furnishings used to make it look cosier. In fact, this theme is seen all over the house, with natural materials used such as wood and stone being used. Lots of green plants are available in the house as well, bringing nature in the home and making it feel more alive.

All images taken from Quang Dam unless otherwise stated.

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