Hartamas 52 by TWO’s Company is a Gorgeous, Spacious House Showcasing Lush Foliage Inside & Outside The Home

by Candyse

It isn’t easy to make it feel like you’re living in the forest when you’re right in the middle of the bustling city; but somehow, Hartamas 52 by TWO’s Company manages to pull this off with panache. In another beautiful transformation to this terrace home in Hartamas; they created an impression of lush, vibrant greenery with lots of space so the owners can feel like they are in their own private spot in the jungle.

Exterior Area: (Hartamas 52 by TWO’s Company)

Interior Area:

Known as Hartamas 52, the first things you notice about the home is its bright fuchsia walls in front and the verdant plants sprouting from the balcony that seems so alive. This wall of plants actually acts like a privacy screen so that the interiors are kept hidden from prying eyes and ensuring that the home is secure.

Inside the home, the designers made full use of the residence to create the perception of space and airiness; by using lots of clean, white surfaces supplemented by many glass walls and windows; so that more light could come in and enables the owners to get good views of the outside as well. Yet, they also took into consideration of the owners’ privacy issues and helped to maintain that through liberal usage of blinds and foliage.

Looking up, you can find that the light and airy concept of the home; is further reinforced by glass skylights installed on the roof without the need for false ceilings. A mini garden consisting of several lush trees complete the look inside the house’s courtyard; with various other plants inside the home, including the bathroom which has a living wall.

A modern and simple black, white and wood scheme is used for the interior fixtures and fittings. Other decor is kept minimal so that the house looks neat and fuss-free; which enables the interior to look more spacious without unnecessary things cluttering up the home. A fountain located at the side of the house completes the look; and allows a brief respite from the busy city life.

All images are taken from TWO’s Company Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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