Modern, Beautiful Home Built for Young Family Has Airy Interlocking Space To Strengthen Bonds | R+E House by DP+HS Architects

by Candyse

It’s really important for a family home to facilitate communication to strengthen the bonds between the members. This was the concept that inspired R+E House by DP+HS Architects when they designed a house for a young family with two kids on a 300 sqm plot of land. The house is located in a residential area in West Jakarta, Indonesia emphasises on interlocking spaces in the residence.

Interior Area: (R+E House by DP+HS Architects)

The owners said that they wanted the house to allow natural bonding and communication. Basically, they wanted lots of unobstructed spaces and open plan areas which is evidenced by the public areas. The living room, dining room and kitchen that goes all the way to the backyard is one huge unobstructed space that allows the air and light to circulate well.

In this house, the living room serves as the heart of the home and connects the different vertical and horizontal spaces and activities. The circulation in the house is facilitated by the huge glass partitions used in the rooms with air outlets placed at strategic areas for better cross-ventilation.

There’s also a floating box located above the dining room which serves as the activity room and has a large opening to maintain the relationship between the vertical space. On this same level, the master bedroom is located on the other side and faces directly to the living room void which is ideal for the parents so they can watch their kids when they’re playing in the living room or activity room.

Interior Design:

For the interiors, different types of materials are used for various rooms to differentiate between the functions of the space. The living room uses white exposed bricks on the wall for a rustic chic look and looks airy while the activity room has tiled walls that are arranged in a pattern. The master bedroom has a dark natural stone wall as an accent in the light and bright space. Overall, the home uses a neutral, bright palette that is timelessly chic.

All images are taken from DP+HS Architects website unless otherwise stated.

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