This Amazing “Twin” House Actually Has 3 Volumes with a Unique Concept | Gemala House by LUWIST

by Candyse

In the large and lively city of Bandung, Indonesia, Gemala House by LUWIST stands out from the rest with its boxy structure and unique concept. This house was created with the client’s needs in mind; as the architects wanted them to have different spaces for different requirements. It is now an Airbnb that you can rent if you want to experience this beautiful home.

Exterior Area (Gemala House by LUWIST)

The house is built with three different volumes on the site which is suitable for different uses. These blocks or volumes are actually independent of each other but they are still connected through individual gardens, open spaces and surroundings. The architects wanted something special and fluid for the client, they did not want rigidness.

Instead, there is no fixed place of dwelling, LUWIST just created a room where one can relax and take in the view, a garden space and others. Although it has three volumes, they are effectively two shells of similar size nested inside one another with a connecting bridge, making it look like a “twin” building. This is where the name, Gemala, comes from, which means the twins of a female child in Indonesian Sanskrit.

Interior Area

Inside, the body of the shell covers the entire premises which creates a covered, semi-indoor garden. Since it’s nested, the inside and the outside are the opposite. The architect said that one of the things they wanted to focus on was the atmosphere between the volumes and also the privacy from neighbours.

They also made sure that all the spaces in the house are well lit and properly ventilated which is important to create the appropriate atmosphere.  There are two vertical cuts in the house consisting of the courtyard and staircase; that helps divide the area into three parts.

Interior Design

Since there is no fixed space, the owners can decorate however they like inside the home. It can be seen that they used a palette of white and wood to create a very homey ambiance. It’s light and natural, a look that will remain timeless. Lots of wooden elements in the form of furniture and flooring are used. Nature plays a very important part in the house too, as it freshens up the atmosphere; and you can find various potted plants all over the house, including actual trees in the courtyard.

All images are taken from Gemala House unless otherwise stated.

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