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by Candyse

The design of a home is really important to the people living in it and for Minimalist House by 85 Design, in Vietnam; the original owners had been planning on this residence for quite some time; but each time, they did not feel satisfied with the end results. This is where 85 Design stepped in and offered their expertise; and the owners’ daughter, who is a landscape designer offered her views; so that they could finally have the cosy family home they’ve always wanted.

Exterior Area: (Minimalist House by 85 Design)

Interior Area:

First of all, they decided that they wanted a simple, classic home with lots of areas for green space as they really wanted light and trees to be a central part of the plan. Hence, Minimalist House by 85 Design was born, a beautiful house with two floors. On the first floor, guests are welcomed into the house through a stylish hall and a small motorcycle garage.

After that, the door leads them into the living room which is an open space area connected to the dining room and kitchen, as is the norm these days with modern houses. At this level, one of the bedrooms is tucked away at the back, separated from the public spaces by a small garden. This creates a semblance of privacy for the owner of the bedroom and it is also this garden that allows more air and light into the first floor where the family can also relax and hang out.

For the second floor, it is more spacious; and there is another living area here, a reading room and also a worship room; which is absolutely essential for a Vietnamese home. Another bedroom and bathroom is located on this floor as well; but just like the first floor, the tiny garden separating the common areas from the private bedroom adds another layer of privacy.

Most of the house is decked out simply, with a light and bright palette. Bright neutrals such as white and cream are used with colourful elements here and there to liven up the space. Natural materials such as wood and steel are used for a more classic and timeless effect; that is bound to stand the test of time while lots of indoor plants make it look fresh.

All images are taken from 85 Design’s website unless otherwise stated.

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