10 Minimalistic & Simple Ways To Create a Muji Style Aesthetic Home

by Candyse

Muji is known worldwide as a store that emphasises simple aesthetics with contemporary Japanese design and for these simple reasons, its products are clean, sleek and minimalistic which means that it can fit into any home easily no matter the style or design. The popularity of its designs has ballooned over the years due to its no-frills approach and today, we will be listing out a few ideas on how to transform your home to a Muji style aesthetic that is timeless and looks good.

1. Minimalist Living Room

This living room is an embodiment of the Muji aesthetic with its clean lines and orderly furniture.


2. Simple Workstation

Since the Muji lifestyle is all about simplicity, this workstation with a plain wooden table and chair is perfect while the potted plant and table lamp makes it look more elegant.


3. Cosy Bedroom

You don’t need much decor in a Muji-style bedroom, plain white bedding and the open, wooden wardrobe is left uncluttered so it looks neat.


4. Comfy Living Room

This bright and airy living room looks really comfy and cosy with a simple sofa and a no-frills bean bag to add to the comfort factor.



5. Minimalist Relaxing Space

Wooden floors warm up the home here but what caught our attention is the storage options that are organised neatly and the simple wooden bench when you need someplace to relax.


6. No-Frills Open Plan Dining and Living Area

Sometimes all you need is some cleverly placed plants around the room to liven up a Muji-style space and with the blue sofa that is the focal point, it creates a lovely, serene space.


7. Muji-style Open Plan Space

Another example that embodies the Muji aesthetic, this open plan space utilises wooden elements on a white palette for a look that is clean and neat.


8. Simple Wooden Bedroom

In case you haven’t noticed, the Muji-style uses a lot of light wood and white elements, as evidenced by this bedroom.


9. Grey Bedroom

If you don’t want everything in your home to be wood and white, going for a light grey palette like this to create the Muji aesthetic works well too.


10. White Space

White can be a very calming and neutral colour, which is great for those who want a fuss-free way to style their Muji style aesthetic home. The wooden floors and potted plants break up the monotony of the decor.


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