10 Ways To Create Beautiful Kitchen Focal Points In Malaysia

by Adeline

When we moved into the house, sometimes we forgo decorating the kitchen and dining area and settle for the basic necessities. A simple way to liven up the kitchen is to create a tasteful number of focal points. The thing with creating focal points is that it’s easy to get carried away and create a visually messy design.

A way to keep it tasteful and classy is limit to one to three focal points in the same room. Here are a few ways to achieve the aspired look:

1. Get a bold backsplash

Looks like Reese Witherspoon’s kitchen in Home Again movie.

A backsplash protects your walls from food and drinks splatters but it doesn’t mean it should be left grey and boring. Decorate it with tiles to form beautiful patterns and watch it level up your cooking area.

2. Have an accent countertop

By using an accent countertop, you don’t need to debate with the designer whether it should be black or white marble. It is also in trend at the moment. Put a different spin on it by going for a wooden countertop.

3. Include fun furniture

You don’t need to redo the whole kitchen to add in pops of colour. Having small furniture such as bar stools in red works well because it’s striking and can be swapped or repainted when you get bored of it.

4. Check out colourful appliances

Bring out bright appliances with a dark wall behind

Unfortunately, the beautiful KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers cost a bomb but there are other affordable colourful appliances in stores. Get a vibrant coloured fridge or hang up colourful pots and pans on a wooden frame like an art piece. If you’re not going for an eclectic kitchen, try to keep everything else neutral while only highlighting a few kitchen focal points.

5. Paint the cabinets

Source 1, Source 2

Another quick way to draw attention is to repaint the cabinets. Experiment by painting your favourite colours.

6. Install a textured wall

Textured walls are great for those who are not keen on a colourful kitchen. A 3-D textured wall keeps the minimalist kitchen from being monotonous.

7. Welcome the stunning view

If you are blessed with a stunning view from the kitchen windows, use it! Ditch the upper cabinets and install longer and wider glass windows to showcase the view. A full-height pantry on an interior wall can provide the needed storage.

8. Choose attractive fixtures

Good lighting makes a lot of difference. Have fun in choosing decorative hanging lampshades that can enhance the room especially in minimalist spaces.

9. Display artwork

From Gossip Girl: The van de Woodsen’s breakfast nook

Usually, most will try to avoid putting up artwork in the kitchen in fear of getting it damaged by grease and humidity. However, there is a way around this. Instead of putting up framed pictures, why not invest in a nice acid glass or display sculpture?

10. Be a home art curator

If there are already mini artists in the house, arrange their masterpieces in a pleasing way. Time to be an art curator of the house! Other than displaying their drawings, you can throw in family photos and postcards into the mix.


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