6 Types of Beautiful Bohemian Style Bedrooms That’ll Inspire You

by Candyse

Boho designs are a very fun and eclectic style to play around with as they use billowing fabrics, funky patterns, varying textures and various quirky decor. Turn your bedrooms into bohemian style bedrooms haven with a few of these gorgeous and playful looking styles that will make it look relaxed and inviting.

1. Macrame Tapestry

Tapestry makes a beautiful addition to this bedroom and is a great focal point that adds an interesting layer. The big window lets in plenty of natural light that highlights the funky bed patterns and fresh plants.


2. Fairy Lights

Create your own magical haven in your bedroom with the use of some twinkling fairy lights and deep, earthy tones. Hang a fringed scarf on the wall for added flair to match the quirkily patterned bedding and you will find your bedroom transformed.


3. Bright Bohemian

If you’re thinking that bohemian style only uses dark tones then you’ll be surprised to know that using bright and light colours work really well too. You just need to make sure to use distressed prints and seasoned colours for that easy and eclectic style.


4. Rustic Bohemian

Combining two styles into one produces a really beautiful effect just like this bohemian and rustic bedroom. Using distressed wooden furniture paired with warm, earthy tones, the awesome looking prints are interesting and inviting.


5. Modern Bohemian

Another stylish and classy example that marries two styles together is this elegant modern and bohemian style. Deep, vibrant tones of emerald and cranberry in the bedroom meshes together with boho prints.


6. Floral Bohemian

Bet you didn’t know that floral prints could be important for bohemian style bedrooms too! Bright and colourful prints add a playful vibe while still making it stylish and gorgeous. You will find that mixing different patterns actually creates a very bohemian vibe in the room.


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