9 Different Tiled Kitchen Counters To Design Your Perfect Kitchen

by Candyse

Tiled kitchen counters have been used widely and were all the rage back in the ’70s but were slowly replaced by other types of materials. However, they are now back in vogue again for its versatility and are available in all sorts of wonderful designs. Read on and you might just get inspired to immediately change your kitchen counter’s tiles.

1. Glossy Granite Tiles

Installing glossy tiles for your kitchen counter will instantly elevate your kitchen’s elegant level and make it look stylish. Pairing glossy granite tiles with some warm wood tones makes it much more homey and welcoming.


2. Earth-toned Tiles

A rustic kitchen usually exudes a certain degree of warmth and cosiness, which makes it an ideal option if that is the look you are going for. Match the woody tones of your kitchen with some similarly coloured tiles to make it look more cheery.


3. Penny Tiles

Penny tiles are used in place of other conventional tiles and the results are stunning! By choosing to use this unusual tile pattern, the look and feel of your tiled kitchen counters are instantly transformed into something much more dramatic.


4. Salmon Pink Tiles

Pretty pastel colours make a very charming kitchen and brightens up the area as well. To make it look more outstanding, use a splash of white to accentuate this sweet pink colour.


5. Bold Blue Tiles

Add a pop of colour in the right place by a dressing up your kitchen island with these beautiful blue tile that somehow looks amazing in this rustic setting. The verdant green plants add a nice homey touch.


6. Patterned Tile Accent

While the countertops might be using conventional white tiles which may seem like a rather bland choice at first, the light blue accent tile on the walls more than makes up for it. The whimsical bird design makes the kitchen look amazingly chic.


7. Marble Patterned Tiles

Marble can get rather expensive, so a more wallet-friendly option would be choosing to go with tiles that have a similar pattern to marble. By tiling your kitchen with these great tiles, you will be the proud owner of a stylish kitchen in no time.


8. Sand-coloured Tiles

These gorgeous porcelain tiles looks fashionable to transform the kitchen into something glamorous where the cut of the tile at the sides and the accent of the backsplash is slightly smaller to keep things interesting. Besides, these tiles are highly durable as well.


9. Bright Red Tiles

Don’t be afraid to use vivid colours in your kitchen, as it can truly make it look so much more striking. This kitchen uses vibrant red tiles which tone down the dark wood elements and stainless steel features to create an outstanding kitchen.


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