Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 DIY Ways To Decorate Your Garden


Decorating your garden with colourful flowers and cheerful floral arrangements bring your garden into a summer mood with DIY decorating ideas. These are top 10 DIY ways you must use to decorate your garden:   1. Light Weight Paper Lanterns via These light weight paper lanterns can be made easily while staying in your budget.You can use different colours of ... Read More »

10 Creative Ways to Design Your Kitchen In 2014

blackandwhite kitchen10

Your kitchen plays an important role in providing food and refreshment for the family. Therefore it makes sense to keep your kitchen up to trend with the current themes and colours. Time to give your kitchen a through makeover this 2014 and here’s 10 creative ways to make it possible: 1. Black and White via niagaranovice Black and White colour usually ... Read More »

12 Amazing Stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil

Estadio Do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

Since FIFA world cup fever is rising globally, we believe that we would need to introduce the 12 Amazing Stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil which held big responsibilities in organizing this world class event. Below are the list of 12 Host Stadiums in Brasil: 1. Arena Amazonia, Manaus via Zimbio, Wikipedia, theguardian, fifafootballworldcup2014 2. Arena da Baixada, Curitiba via ... Read More »

Bought a New Home? Here’s 10 Home Appliances Which Makes Your Life Easier


After getting the keys to your house, you felt excited to check out the new place of yours which you can rightfully call home. But wait, there are still some important puzzles missing from picture. In order to start your new daily life at your house, you would need some essential tools to help your out. Here’s 10 Home Appliances ... Read More »

10 Ways to Furnish Your Apartment


The living area is no doubt one of the most loved areas in the house. It is where the family gather around for conversations and for entertainment. It is also the area wherein visitors are entertained. Most of the time, the living room is located at the entrance part. Hence, it would be the first area that people can mostly ... Read More »

10 Ways to Clear Up Your Living Room


The living room is considered as the gathering area for family and friends. It is the place where you entertain guests and do different activities with the family. Some living rooms are intended for reading, relaxing, for entertainment, for conversations and others. It becomes a comfort zone for most members of the family aside from their own living rooms. Hence, ... Read More »

6 Tips Working with Pastel Colours at Home

collection of pastel homewares against pink wallpaper

Take a more subtle approach to enhance your home’s interior by using a lighter colour scheme. What’s great about pastel is its extremely versatile colour palette. Here are a few tips working with these soft hues: 1. Mix and Match Your Favourite Pastel Pastel colours are unique as all the hues are harmony and do not conflict with one another. ... Read More »

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